Jewelry Focus: Tin Cup Pearls and Pearls for Men

Image Credit: tahiti © 123RF.com
Image Credit: tahiti © 123RF.com

Let’s take a look at two types of pearl jewelry with which many customers are less familiar: Tin Cup Jewelry, and Pearl Jewelry Selections for Men:

Tin Cup Pearl Jewelry

Also known as “station necklaces,” tin cup pearl necklaces feature a signature style: pearls which have been set at evenly-spaced intervals along a chain which is usually composed of small chain-looking links. While pearls have been popular for centuries, this jewelry style is relatively new, with its name coming from a 1990s film starring Rene Russo and Kevin Costner. (In case you were wondering whether a single necklace from a single film can inspire an entire line of jewelry, the answer, obviously, is “Yes.”)

Tin cup jewelry is available as necklaces, bracelets or drop earrings. The layout of the gemstones is simple, but the effect is anything but. You can wear tin cup pearl jewelry with everything from a casual sweater and jeans to the most formal of attire. Best of all, tin cup jewelry comes in a variety of options, using all pearl types, from Tahitians to Akoyas. And varied pearl types means varied pearl colors and hues. You can choose chains of silver, gold and white gold, and can even make your selection from a variety of chain link sizes, including some large enough to feature their own diamonds. And the pearls themselves can either be placed along the chain, or can be hanging from the chain, or “dangling,” resulting in an entirely different look.

If you’re looking for pearl jewelry but want something unique – and who doesn’t? – tin cup jewelry is a wonderful choice. Whether for formal attire or a casual look, tin cup jewelry will make you look great.

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Pearls For Men

Shoppers are sometimes surprised to see jewelry options for men available on The Pearl Source and other pearl jewelry websites. But the truth is that men’s jewelry has been in fashion for centuries. From nobles to royalty, men have historically been the ones in power, and with power came the funds to afford such pricey amenities as pearls. And with unisex and androgynous looks gracing everything from runways to magazine covers to even the average city street, pearl jewelry for men is seeing a recent rise in popularity.

The key to unisex pearl jewelry is simplicity. Most men’s pearl jewelry features a leather string as its base, which may or may not feature an adjustable length. A single pearl, set by two knots, is the jewelry’s defining feature, making for an attractive, yet not overly-feminine, look. Necklaces and bracelets are the most popular options in this category. They can be worn on their own or combined with other jewelry for a stronger statement.

Unisex pearl jewelry looks great with a simple dress shirt and slacks or a casual polo. You can even wear it on its own at the beach (frequently paired with swimwear, of course). But remember that like all pearls, the gemstones in men’s jewelry require special care in order to ensure that they will last. Saltwater and other elements can be rough on pearls, so plan accordingly.

Simple pearl jewelry is not limited to men’s fashion. Many women find this unisex look very flattering, and choose the leather strand necklace as a perfect accessory when searching for a more casual look. So if you are looking for something unique, whether for a man or a woman, make the choice that people all around the world have been making for centuries: Choose pearls.

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