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15 June Birthstone Rings You Will Love

June Birthstone Rings

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Carla Jonas

In recent years, birthstone jewelry pieces have been experiencing major interest. And given the many benefits associated with these twinkling gemstones (not to mention their enthralling looks), we can see just why. From the radiant Pearl to the enticing Moonstone and vibrantly hued natural Alexandrite, June comes with some of the most stunning birthstones out there. And if you’re shopping for a loved one born in June – or you’re a June baby yourself – there’s nothing quite like a unique, personalized gift (or treat to yourself). Whether you prefer the classic choice and on the lookout for June birthstone rings featuring stunning Pearls or you’re rather into the milky look of Moonstone or the pigmented Alexandrite, we’ve got you covered.

Next, 15 June birthstone rings we’re loving right now.

Timeless Luster

Timeless Luster

Shop the Akoya Pearl & Diamond Cheryl Ring

We’re starting strong – with the classics. And when it comes to June birthstone rings, it doesn’t get more classic than a lustrous white Akoya Pearl ring. White pearls are a universal symbol of wisdom and purity – and these types of rings hold extra special meaning to those born in June. This pick, adorned with twinkling Diamonds, features a glossy Akoya Pearl, aka the quintessential June birthstone. In a modern silhouette, the piece merges timeless elegance with a fresh, clean design, perfect as a staple day-to-day piece, as well as a statement ring for special occasions.

Dark Beauty and All-Around Glam

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Ring

Shop the Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eternity Ring

White gold pairs with twinkling Diamonds and a statement 11mm Tahitian Pearl in this stunning piece that glows from every angle. Black Pearls are notoriously iridescent, presenting an enticing range of color plays and overtones. Have your pick from Black Tahitian, Silver Tahitian or Green Tahitian Pearl options to customize this ultra-glam June birthstone ring to perfection. And if you need another reason to add this beauty to your shopping list: like many other black gems, black Pearls are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck.


Birthstones are loaded with meaning. And Pearls make stunning, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones born in the month of June. From darling earrings to lovely pendants, classic necklaces and elegant types of bracelets, our June Birthstone Jewelry Collection has it all. Elegance, Refinement. Timeless appeal. Plus, the most lustrous 30th anniversary gifts. Browse our modern and timeless designs, including bridal earrings, pendants, birthstone earrings, necklaces and more, set in premium settings and adorned with the finest gems of the seas.

Vintage Details and Twinkling Shades

Moonstone Ring

Shop the Antique Platinum Moonstone Engagement Ring

Birthstones make excellent picks as engagement ring bling. And if you’re looking for June birthstone rings that can easily double as engagement rings, check out this pick. It’s got it all: a little color, clear twinkles, ornate, romantic details and an elegant oval cut she’ll love forever. The June gem of choice: Moonstone, in its milky blue glory.

For the Statement Ring Lovers: Vibrant Hues

Shop the Platinum Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Birthstone jewelry can definitely make a style statement. And Alexandrite jewelry in particular is all about that bold pop of color that elevates any look instantly. For a loved one who’s all about a strong color moment, this next one makes the cut. A large natural Alexandrite gem is the star of the show, measuring 4.40 carats and cut in an elegant emerald cut. Adorning it on each side: natural white Diamonds in baguette cuts, set on a sleek band.

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Uncompromising Golden Glamour

Golden Pearl Ring

Shop the Golden Pearl & Diamond Sage Ring

For the golden glam lover, opt for warm-tone June birthstone jewelry. Our tip: look no further than golden Pearl rings. This ring has it all: a large sized Pearl measuring 12mm, the unmatched beauty of Golden South Sea gems of the seas and a total of 20 Diamonds that provide endless glow. Topped with a premium yellow gold setting to match the stunning Pearl. Golden Pearls have been associated with inner peace since the oldest times, symbolizing wisdom and prosperity, as well as a balanced inner life.

For the June Mom: Triple the Charm

Mother of Pearl Ring

Shop the White Freshwater Pearl & Mother of Pearl Josie Ring

One Pearl is always a treat, but you can always triple the appeal with this creation from The Pearl Source. A June birthstone ring that features not only the gems of the seas, but Mother of Pearl as well? We’re saying YES to alternative birthstone options! Showcasing delicate dainty Freshwater Pearls and iridescent nacre, the piece comes in a highly glossy sterling silver setting. Bonus points: it’s affordable without compromising on style – or glow!


From classic whites to pastel pinks, glamorous golds and enticing dark gems, Pearl Rings each carry their own beauty and charm. Shop our collections featuring Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian Pearls, featuring premium gems that add radiance and sophistication to any outfit. Gift them to your loved ones as birthday presents, bridesmaid proposal gifts or to celebrate any special occasion and anniversary.

A Futuristic Touch

Pink Pearl Ring

Shop the Pink Freshwater Pearl Lexi Ring

Pearl birthstones can also bring a touch of color. Next, the delicate pink Pearl – aka a symbol of success, romance and energy. If ultra-modern June birthstone rings is what you’re after, this one’s for you. The intertangled rings give this piece a futuristic vibe, which pairs flawlessly with its sleek and lustrous construction. Showcasing a Freshwater Pearl in pastel pink, the Lexi ring makes a great statement ring and a perfect gift option for a special someone born in June.

Enthralling Celtic Beauty

Celtic Moonstone Ring

Shop the Braided Celtic Moonstone Ring

For birthstone jewelry options with extra meaning, go Celtic. Celtic jewelry is always loaded with feelings of love, family and faith – and this ring makes a great pick for someone who shares the same values. The plus: birthstones like Moonstone are affordable in their lighter varieties, yet just as stunning. Featuring an enthralling Moonstone gem that plays in shades of milky white and pale blue, the piece is enriched with small Moissanite stones for an added touch of glimmer.

Floral Silhouette and Midnight Charm

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Ring

Shop the Tahitian South Sea Pearl Lea Ring

Pearls are especially mesmerizing in their midnight-hued variety. And this pearl ring offers just that: captivating shimmer from every angle. Adorned with a flawless Tahitian Pearl that measures 10mm, the piece depicts a textured flower, crafted from white or yellow gold – your choice. Proceed to customize your June birthstone ring even further by selecting your fave Pearl overtone, from options like green, silver or black.


The allure of a jewelry piece in midnight shades is unmatched. For an evening look to remember, make sure to check our special offers and shop our collection of Black Pearl Rings, enriched with the most stunning gems of the seas – be it Tahitian or Akoya. Classic lines, modern designs and premium materials, plus glossy luster all-around: browse, choose, customize and shop for your dream pearls today!

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Quintessential Elegance

Akoya Pearl & Diamond Ring

Shop the Akoya Pearl & Diamond Jordana Ring

White pearls are the classic birthstones for June. For a lover of all things classic, look no further than this chic piece when shopping for birthstone jewelry. Its elegant silhouette, sleek band, adorning Diamonds and round Akoya Pearl make it a timeless pick when on the lookout for June birthstone jewelry without an expiration date. Plus, you get to customize it to your desires, with your choice of Pearl overtone and gold setting.

A Quirky, Rosy Pick

Rose Gold Moonstone Ring

Shop the Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Moonstone birthstones symbolize inner clarity and embracing the feminine – and this ring evokes just that. For a loved one born in June who’s not crazy for intricate, ornate pieces, go simple and strong with this Moonstone-adorned bling. It’s slightly asymmetrical and quirky, yet understated in its beauty and paired with delicate glow. Light stones like this one pair perfectly with its rosy setting, making it a great pick for a jewelry lover into pink hues.

Texture, Color and Sleek Appeal

Silver Alexandrite Ring

Shop the Sterling Silver Alexandrite Gemstone Ring

For a lover of color, go with Alexandrite rings. The bold hues of both lab-made and natural Alexandrite are always a veritable mood. And this ring certainly does not disappoint. It may be on the daintier side, but that doesn’t mean it won’t leave a long-lasting impression. Set in sterling silver and featuring a textured slim band showcasing the round cut gem, this Alexandrite jewelry piece evokes strong Art Deco vibes and makes a great accent for a boho style outfit.


The right kind of jewelry piece speaks a thousand words. Words of refinement, elegance and infinite allure. Shop our stunning assortment of White Pearl Rings, showcasing the magical gems of the seas in all their crisp white glory. From streamlined to ornate designs, your dream Pearl ring is just a few clicks away.

Statement Ring Bonanza in Dark Hues

Black Mother of Pearl Ring

Shop the Black Mother of Pearl Malia Ring

For a unique spin on the classic Pearls, go for a Mother of Pearl ring in dark shades. This pick might not be the most traditional birthstone jewelry choice, but if you’re all for embracing the unexpected, yet without straying too much in terms of June birthstone rings, go for it. This statement ring showcases the captivating beauty of Mother of Pearl in all its glory, set in a lustrous sterling silver finish. 

Princess Vibes and Blue Luster

Moonstone Halo Ring

Shop the Moonstone Halo Ring

If charmed by Moonstone, this next ring will have your heart. Surrounded by a halo of Diamonds, the Moonstone gem twinkles in a variety of light blue to pink shades, depending on the light and angle. Set in a thin band you can customize as desired, this June birthstone ring has the allure of a piece worthy of a royal. From glimmer to color and clear twinkles, this piece offers it all.

The Queen of June Birthstone Rings

Pearl and Diamond Ring

Shop the Akoya Pearl & Diamond Renee Ring

When a single gem simply won’t cut it, cluster rings make great alternatives. Case in point: the Renee ring, adorned with no less than 4 lustrous Pearls and 5 twinkling Diamonds. Upgrade your jewelry collection – or hers – with a statement ring that has yet to meet its match in terms of luster.

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What to Look for When Shopping for Your June Birthstone Ring

Shopping June Birthstone Ring

Lots of great options out there for June babies! Whenever buying fine jewelry, being informed prior to your purchase is your safest bet. Next, a few tips on what to look for when shopping for June birthstone rings.

June Birthstone Rings – Shopping Tips

  • Make sure you are only buying fine jewelry from reputable retailers that come with lots of good reviews and accreditations for fine gems.
  • Understand the main factors that determine the value of a Pearl ring: color, Pearl size, luster, type and surface. In general, Freshwater Pearls are more affordable than Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian Pearls because they are more abundant. Larger Pearls are much more valuable, as well as gems that offer glossy luster.
  • For Alexandrite, they are valued somewhat similar to Diamonds. However, the more apparent the color change in the gem, and the more vibrant the colors, the more valuable the gem is considered.
  • The blue Moonstones are the most valuable, with the darker shades on the pricier side. The lighter variations in silver hues or the white adularescence gems are abundant and more affordable. It is also believed that the stronger hues come with many benefits, as opposed to less potent lighter colored gems.
  • Always customize your pick. Most of the June birthstone rings out there give you the possibility to customize them to perfection, based on your preferences. Make it truly yours (or hers) by selecting your preferred setting tone and gem overtone.
  • Pick your metal based on the other pieces of jewelry you always wear. Have versatility in mind when shopping for gifts as well, whether on the hunt for gifts for grandma, gifts for parents or for yourself.
  • Rings are prone to scratching more than other types of jewelry, since they are placed on the hands. Make sure you know the proper ways to care for and clean your gems of choice prior to purchasing a June birthstone ring.
  • You can always go the extra mile and purchase a June birthstone necklace or set as a gift to match your ring of choice.

Get Shopping for June Birthstone Rings!

From the streamlined to the glam, our list is complete with amazing picks for June birthstone rings. Which one is your absolute favorite? And which piece would make the best gift for a special someone? Let us know down below!


Pair your stunning June birthstone ring with matching earrings for an elegant, cohesive look that screams sophistication and charm. Shop our extensive collection of Pearl Earrings, featuring white, pink, golden, black and peach Pearls of all types and sizes. Adorned with Diamonds, sleek and minimalistic or ornate, you can find a plethora of types of earrings, including dangling earrings, drop earrings, studs and more. Our special offer: all pearl designs at up to 70% off retail prices!

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