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How to Keep Accessories Simple for Professional Looking Workplace Attire

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A strategic employer takes many details into consideration that will have an impact on the brand. The attire of the employer and its employees are high on the priority list. It not only reflects the organizational culture, but it also tells clients whether the establishment is keen on professionalism and takes its customers’ money seriously. So, here are our tips for accessorizing your workplace attire appropriately.

Choosing Professional Looking Accessories for Your Workplace Attire

Workplace attire is enough to indicate whether they employees are capable of successfully delivering the service that they claim to offer to the public. Consider why medical professionals wear white, top executives dress conservatively and food service workers wear aprons and hair nets. The way they look shows their dedication to professionalism in the workplace.

What to Wear in the Workplace
What to Wear in the Workplace. Image Source: Charlotte Parent

On the flip side, professionals, especially those who work in conservative industries, like to spice up their wardrobes and accessorize to add sparkle to what could otherwise be a mundane outfit. Attire deemed suitable in industries such as banking and finance, journalism and just about any other industry that involves wearing the age-old suits, tie and heels can do well with a little spice in fashion accessories.

6 Tips to Keeping Your Workplace Accessories on the Professional Side

We know how to transform your boring boardroom suit into a dapper, glamorizing look, while still maintaining that professional, sophisticated flare that your boss demands of you. Check out these suitable accessories to wear with your professional workplace attire:

1. Workplace Attire: Colors

Business Casual Attire
Business Casual Attire. Image Source: Clairemont Communications

If you work in a very subtle, conservative environment, stick to classy, traditional colors such as white, black, brown and gray. These color staples in the office environment are key to maintaining a chic, professional look.

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2. Workplace Jewelry: Earrings

Pearl Earrings by The Pearl Source

Want to speak volumes, yet do it subtly? Ear studs are the way to go!!! Or if you would like to turn up the heat by a several degrees Fahrenheit, opt for some small loop-shaped earrings. For a traditional appeal, go with a pair of stud pearl earrings.

Nothing says “I am fashionable yet classy, sexy yet professional” than any of these choices of earrings. Besides, they add a certain level of confidence and brings reassurance to your clients that you are capable of getting the job done.

3. Workplace Jewelry: Rings

The Pearl Source Grey Pearl Necklace and Ring Set
The Pearl Source Grey Pearl Necklace and Ring Set

Take a bolder approach when accessorizing with rings. Whether you choose to go stackable or rings embellished with precious stones, these babies can definitely turn up your outfit by several notches. Plus, they bring attention to your hands during business presentations.

Some of the gemstones featured in pieces made popular by celebrities include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearl engagement rings.

4. Workplace Jewelry: Necklaces

Drop pearl necklace pendant by The Pearl Source. Mika Larson Photography
Drop pearl necklace pendant by The Pearl Source. Mika Larson Photography

Contrast to the rings, leave the bold necklaces for your parties and balls. Opt for a more subtle piece of neck jewel. This is more appropriate for a conservative environment such as the office.

Less is more when being judged by your appearance for capability as well as one’s ability to yield optimal results.

5. Workplace Jewelry: Brooches

This 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness brooch is an appropriate accessory for your workplace attire.
This 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness brooch is an appropriate accessory for your workplace attire. Image Source: DH Gate

If you thought brooches were outdated, you’re mistaken. While they have been around for a long time, they haven’t lost their touch in delivering a sense of elegance to a professional outfit.

Adding the right brooch to a jacket or cardigan makes the definite statement, “I’m professional, not boring.” You can even choose a brooch that represents a cause, such as Time’s Up and Pinned By Pearls movements.

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6. Workplace Gemstones: Pearls

Business Attire
Business Attire. Image Source: Flickr

Your grandmother adored them and so should you. Why? Because pearls are the diamonds of 2018, of course! Pearls have always been associated with classiness and sophistication. They represent royalty and power. Adding pearl earrings, pearl pendants and other pearl jewelry to your workplace attire screams professionalism and whispers sexiness all at the same time.

Let’s face it – it is important to portray a professional image to your prospective and current clients. However, the mundane look will have you just going through the motions. To avoid this, choose to get creative and glamorize with office-appropriate accessories that not only abide by the rules outlined in your office dress code, but also have you coworkers’ heads turning as you stroll by.

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