Keepsake Presents for Bridesmaids… The Backbone of Your Wedding

Your bridesmaids are the backbone of your wedding. Gift them accordingly.
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Your bridesmaids are the backbone of your wedding. They basically keep you from having a breakdown before the big day. Even if you’re having the smoothest journey, as you get closer to the wedding date, they’ve probably helped you out in any way you’ve asked!

On your wedding day as a thank you for all they have done, you’ll want to buy your bridesmaids a perfect gift which proves your gratitude. It’s not all about being something expensive either. You’ll want to give your bridesmaids something they can preserve and use as a reminder of the special day.

5 Bridesmaid Gifts for the Backbone of Your Wedding

Because they are the backbone of your wedding, your bridesmaids deserve gifts they can keep and use forever. If you’re struggling for inspiration for bridesmaids gifts, here are the top five keepsakes you can buy for your bridesmaids:

1. Bridesmaid Gift: Charm Bracelet

One of the most popular choices… every woman loves a charm bracelet. They represent memories more so than being pretty. Different charms can be bought for representing different times in your life.



As a bridesmaid gift, you could get each of them a different charm to represent a fond memory you had with them. Or, buy each of them matching charms to represent a new memory… today. A Thomas Sabo charm would be perfect and they offer different pearl options which will last a lifetime.

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2. Bridesmaid Gift: Personalized Journal

A journal is a perfect gift for brides on a budget. You can have it personalized with their names to show a little extra thought has gone into it.



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Although journals run out of pages, the memories written inside will stay there for years to come. And reading back through it, they’ll remember all the fond times, including when they received the journal itself… your wedding day.

Don’t just look in stationery shops either. There are all kinds of different types of personalized journals to consider!

3. Bridesmaid Gift: Framed Picture

A framed picture is a great idea for a bridesmaid’s gift because you can change the size, depending on your budget. Your framed picture will bring joy to any bridesmaid and they’ll be able to look at it every day.

Crystal & Pearl Picture Frame
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Crystal & Pearl Picture Frame. Image Source: Ali Express

As far as the actual picture, deep thought should go into the one your choose, as well as the frame. You can decide what styles they’ll love and what will match their homes. Make it even more memorable for all the ladies by using funny or sentimental images from your bachelorette party or wedding rehearsal dinner.

4. Bridesmaid Gift: A Watch

Buying watches for the backbone of your wedding could be a tough one. But if you know what they’ll like, a watch can last for years. And even if they stop wearing it, they can keep it in their jewelry box.

Asus ZenWatch 3 Women's Smartwatch
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Asus ZenWatch 3 Women’s Smartwatch. Image Source: Smart Watches 4 U

There are hundreds of styles of women’s watches to choose from. If you are unsure about style, picking a simple style and having it engraved is a sentimental,personalized bridesmaid gift to consider.

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5. Bridesmaid Gift: Earrings

What bridesmaid wouldn’t be happy with a new set of gold or pearl earrings? You’ll likely know what each friend likes. If not, look into buying simple charm earrings, and buy the same set for each bridesmaid to make your gift giving more memorable.

Gold Pearl & Charm Earrings from The Pearl Source
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Gold Pearl & Charm Earrings from The Pearl Source

Pearl earrings are a perfect choice for the bride too!. The natural white glow of pearls, or glamour of pearl colors will make the earrings amazing keepsakes from your wedding. Plus, it’s an affordable choice to think about for you and your bridesmaids… backbone of your wedding.

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