Millennial Pink is Still Standing Strong: Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

Looking fabulous in Millennial Pink by @haileybaldwin

Ever heard of the color “Millennial Pink”? If you haven’t, you can be sure you’ve at least seen it. Some call it Scandi Pink. Others refer to it as Tumblr Pink. And, when it first hit the fashion scene in 2012, it was a simpler version of Barbie Pink. By the summer of 2016, everyone was calling the mutated color Millennial Pink.

Looking fabulous in Millennial Pink by @haileybaldwin
Looking fabulous in Millennial Pink by @haileybaldwin

The UBM Fashion’s MAGIC trade show showed the world that everything could be pretty in pink. This show featured fashionable apparel, footwear, and accessories in numerous versions of the color. Two shades took the show by storm: in-your-face electric pink and ballet slipper pink blushes… all of which represent different varieties of Millennial Pink.

What is Millennial Pink?

Millennial Pink is more than just one color on the wheel. Instead, it is a collaboration of shades, including Pale Dogwood, Candy Pink, Rose Quartz and a few shades of pink in between. It is not always exactly pink. There are times when the hue falls one a color spectrum somewhere between peach and beige.

According to fashion and beauty magazine The Cut:

“…it’s ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness. It’s a non-color that doesn’t commit, whose semi-ugliness is proof of its sophistication.”

It’s important to note that this particular shade of pink should not be misconstrued as overly feminine or girly. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true. It’s a dominating hue, but it does not represent those simple gushy moments the way we are used to thinking of pink fashion.

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Check out these pink quartz AKA Tumblr pink pumps.
Check out these pink quartz AKA Tumblr pink pumps.

In actuality, Millennial Pink is literally not a color as much as it is an idea. That’s why if you Google it, you’ll find it’s impossible to narrow it down to just one shade. It can be desaturated, salmon-y or pale… a non-pink kind of pink. Although the word pink is used to describe it, by definition it’s more defined by what it is not, than what it actually is:

  • It is not bubble gum
  • It is not Barbie
  • It is not princessy

The History of Millennial Pink

This is not a new hue of pink. It’s been around since 2012 but really became more popular after being named after Generation Y. And, much like the Millennial generation, there’s nothing simple about this color.

Some fashion experts say the color was actually launched after the release of the 2014 movie The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson. It features a building uniquely painted with several different versions of pink.

Others give credit to the 2015 release of the “rose gold” iPhone. Although not marketed as a pink phone, it actually was a rose gold version of pink. Many big designers jumped on the bandwagon. Pantone went on to name rose quartz as its 2016 color of the year, and pale dogwood won for spring 2017.

This entire restaurant is decorated in Millennial Pink, and it looks amazing.
This entire restaurant is decorated in Millennial Pink, and it looks amazing.

Millennial Pink: The Gender-Blurring Color

Thanks to this gender-blurring color, even men wear pink now. And, we’re not just talking “feminine” men… manly, masculine men wear Millennial Pink with pride. The commanding color allows for tone variations, just right for any gender.

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Millennials are known as the “power spenders.” This generation will spend to find a connection with the recent past. Many seek out ways to use every opportunity available to soften their surroundings in order to avoid the harshness of the real world. And, it all starts with their appearances.

Both males and females are dying their hair to shades that remind them of better times… back in the past. They long for those adolescent days. And, brands are leaping at the opportunities to create gender-blurring fashion that all sexes will love.

Where to Use Millennial Pink

Could this Millennial Pink bathroom shower look anymore inviting?
Could this Millennial Pink bathroom shower look any more inviting?

This color trend is for much more than just fashion. You’ll find people using Millennial Pink on homes, office buildings, websites and blogs, album covers and so much more. Here are a few examples of things we found online that appear to be Millennial Pink:

Millennial Pink Pearl Jewelry

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