Millennial Skincare: High Style, Low Budget Beauty Tips

If you try to pinpoint exactly what defines millennials and where their sensibilities lie, you’ll be at a loss for conclusions. And therein lies the secret! Millennials are a fickle bunch that are all about celebrating individuality and arranging life on their own terms. And, when it comes to millennial skincare and beauty, budget and style are key.

Millennial Skincare: Luxury Skincare for Millennials
Luxury Skincare for Millennials. Image Source: Luxury Daily

What Is Millennial Skincare All About?

Beauty standards are the stuff of mystery for those who are trying to solve the millennial enigma. However, there seems to be a general consensus that anti-aging products are not as important to them as they were to previous generations. Even though that may be the case, skincare is something we should all be concerned about, and when it comes to millennials, it’s all about high style and low budget.

Express Yourself

Who would have thought that the ‘80s will become ne plus ultra in the realm of culture and lifestyle? This decade has defined millennials, their parents and the generations between, in the ways that were impossible to predict.

Sunflower Ladies
Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

In essence, millennials are not unlike New Romantics – they celebrate the unbound uniqueness of every individual. The way that an individual dresses, speaks and sees the world – everything is on the table!

Therefore, when it comes to skincare products for millennials – it’s all about adding them to that lifestyle equation (individualism plus skincare). Therefore, it is not a matter of budget as it is a matter of whether the skincare product they are using in any way bears any influence on their style.

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It’s a Matter of Prevention

On the other hand, some keen culture observers and fashionistas claim the millennial highroad when it comes to the anti-aging skincare cream myth. In fact, they postulate that, with this generation, it is a matter of prevention for the millennial skincare world.

Millennial Man
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

When it comes down to it, this approach is a smart play – as millennials begin using these products as soon as the first wrinkles begin to settle in. This approach stands in stark opposition to the strategy of previous generations, which was mostly about treating these inescapable side effects of aging once they’ve really settled in (and usually with invasive surgical interventions).

Is it Insta-friendly?

The digital culture has reached its previously untapped heights with platforms like Instagram – where the skin comes into full view under the limelight, front and center! If you could pinpoint a singular time and context when skincare and appearance become all your average millennial cares about, it would be during a selfie.

Beautiful Brown Skin
Image Source: Beauty Matter

Even though it is meant to look as impromptu as possible, millennials will treat both their face and their hands with affordable yet pleasantly scented products like L’Occitane. Quite unsurprisingly, they will also stay faithful to a particular brand, especially if it guarantees quality and it shows results, just what the millennial skincare market needs.

DIY Masks

Millennials are in love with the idea of custom-made solutions and crafting, especially if it doesn’t take too much time. And in the case of some DIY skincare masks, it is ridiculous how quickly and efficiently you can prepare them as long as you have the necessary materials.

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For example, if you want to get rid of those nasty blackheads, all you should purchase is some gelatin and activated charcoal. A teaspoon of each ingredient mixed in a bit of water (preferably distilled) will create a very thick mask that is oh so satisfying to peel off.

Skin Care Regimen for Every Day Millennials
Skin Care Regimen for Every Day Millennials. Image Source: Trials N Tresses

Of course, this is far from the only DIY recipe for the peel off mask that is popular and trending among millennials. Since we live in the brave new age of digital space, we can all just turn on our preferred device and search for other DIY skincare recipes online.

A good value for money is what millennials are all about. And even though they are not the first frugal generation, it’s quite astonishing how this attitude has managed to seep into every facet of life, let alone into such a specific and peculiar field like millennial skincare.

Millennials: Newer Skincare for a Newer Generation

The millennial generation is hard to define. The reason for this might be hidden beneath tumultuous layers of post-modern uncertainty or the fact that we don’t know if this is something beyond post-modern. It could be that we cannot understand their wants and needs because their zeitgeist manifesto has not been clearly defined.

Pearl Biker Boots for Millennials
Pearl Biker Boots for Millennials. Image Source: Daily Mail

When it comes to skincare, millennials are just as careful and diligent as the previous generations. However, their approach differs.

While before it was a matter of competition and prestige, today it is about self-fetishization. Overall, this bodes well for the rich array of millennial skincare products, since the focus on the body has not waned – it has in fact amplified.

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