Mothers Day is Around the Corner and Pearls are a GREAT gift!

Pearl jewelry is perfect for virtually any occasion as it can be casual or dressy, informal or formal. It is one of the best gifts to give women for numerous special events, such as graduations, birthday parties, the holidays and Mother’s Day. One of the best ways for children or husbands to show moms how much they care is to present her with a fine piece of pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day. Such jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune, however. Many places offer Mother’s Day offers as well as offers on pearl jewelry in general around this special day to make them more affordable for all buyers.

Shopping for pearls is quite an experience because no two pearls are exactly alike. Contrary to what some people may believe, pearls come in a variety of color and sizes, and they come from different regions as well. For example, some pearls hail from the South Sea located between Australia and China while others originate in the waters of Japan. Some pearls are saltwater pearls, and others are freshwater pearls. Pearls range in hue from white, golden and cream tones to smoky onyx and pastel greens and blues. Additionally, pearls are not restricted to simple strands; they provide the perfect accent for pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

When perusing Mother’s Day offers for the right pearls for Mom, take into account her personality and skin tone. Select pearls in a color that she would like, but also consider which pearls would best complement her skin tone. For example, pearls with a rose overlay highlight ivory skin tones, whereas classical white pearls complement all skin types very nicely. There are so many other elements to consider when selecting pearls in addition to simply the color of the pearls, however.

The next element that people should consider when shopping for pearls is size: Pearls come in a variety of sizes, from tiny 5mm specimens all the way up to bold 16mm baubles. Usually, the most popular pearls range between 7mm and 9mm. When in doubt about which size of pearls Mom would like, it is generally best to stick with the timeless 7mm to 9mm pearls that are universally complementary. Pearls below 7mm in size are considered small and aren’t as expensive as larger ones and are fine choices for subtle and delicate pieces. On the other hand, pearls above 10mm in size are rarer and considered more valuable, making them more expensive, but they are vital elements in a bold statement piece.

Lastly, pearls are also allotted different grades, which basically denote the quality of the pearl. Generally, the more letters or “A” marks that a pearl has, the better quality it is. For example, an “A” grade pearl is of low quality, has heavy blemishing, an unclean surface and isn’t perfectly round. A pearl that has an “AAAA” grade, however, is of very high quality and may have very minor blemishing with the majority of the surface clean, and it likely has a nice, round shape.

Regardless of Mom’s style, she’s sure to love genuine pearl jewelry for Mother’s Day. The Pearl Source offers only the finest pearls in a variety of styles, sizes and colors at often heavily discounted prices.

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