Pearl Earrings – Idolized & Adored

Women just love pearls. The reasons are many; rarity, mystical charm, status symbol and its close association with human emotions such as love and purity.
The reasons do not end here. They are also idolized because of their diverse range of shapes, such as pear, drop, round, button, oval and baroque, which are all unique in their own rights.

Black orphic gems are as mysterious as a woman’s personality.

Typically there are four types of sea gems.

  1. Akoya orphic gems – White or cream colored; their size ranges from 2mm to 10mm.
  2. South Sea orphic gems – White, with silver or pink overtones; these are found in big sizes, starting from 10mm onwards.
  3. Tahitian sea gems – Typically dark with sensational overtones and found in large size; up to 20mm.
  4. Freshwater sea gems – Available in an array of shapes, sizes and colors.

The first three are cultured in saltwater and therefore known as saltwater sea gems.

Orphic gems are formed when a foreign object enters an oyster. It is immediately covered with an organic compound in concentric layers. This compound is called nacre. Over a period of time this nacre transforms into a solid pearl.

A pearl’s quality is judged by the thickness of its nacre and luminosity. Generally, a perfect round shaped pearl is rare to find and therefore commands high price.

Akoya pearl earrings in cluster design, interspersed with other precious stones are the most adored embellishments. A woman’s jewelry kit is incomplete without one of these pairs. They are also ideal for gifting someone; especially on wedding anniversary.

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A dangle earring design typically utilizes pear-shaped orphic gems. These tear drop orphic gems enhance the hanging effect. It suits women who are short; makes them look taller.

A stud design is crafted from a single large pearl. Even though the design is simple, it looks extremely elegant, regal and sophisticated. It increases a woman’s feminine quotient. These are typically set in white gold. South sea orphic gems and Tahitian sea gems are the preferred choice while crafting stud earrings. Their large form factor makes them a perfect candidate for this type of a design.

Stud design is suitable for parties and corporate meetings. They go well with low cut dresses and gowns.

Baroque orphic gems are a craftsmen’s delight. Their irregular shape allows artisans to create unique, trendy and versatile earrings.

A hoop design can be crafted from any orphic gems. These sea gems are attached to a ring which is made of white or yellow gold in various formations. This design looks good on gowns and evening wear.

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