Pearl Jewellery – Revive Your Youth

Since time immemorial precious stones have enchanted and seduced all who gaze upon them. These stones exemplify raw power and wealth.

On the other hand pearls symbolize love, commitment and long lasting relationships. Many wear pearl embellishments on their wedding or anniversary. These round beauties are also called sea gems or orphic gems because they are produced in mollusks. Orphic gems are made of nacre, a substance which is released when a foreign object enters a mollusk.

An orphic gem is available in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are broadly classified as:

  1. Freshwater – These orphic gems are the cheapest. They are perfect for those who have a limited budget. These are produced in large freshwater lakes and available in several colors such as white, pink and cream. Freshwater sea gems are often not perfectly round in shape.
  2. Akoya – Akoya sea gems are enchanting, round and lustrous. They are available in sizes ranging from 4mm to 9mm. Although they are small, their sheen and subtle overtones makes them a craftsman’s delight.
  3. South Sea – These are high quality gems, found off the coasts of Australia. They are large; some of them can reach up to 19mm in size. They are available in white and golden colors.
  4. Tahitian – They are rare sea gems, grown off the blue lagoons of French Polynesia. These orphic gems are large, pricey and come in an array of dark colors such as grey, peacock green, blue and turquoise.
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The pearl symbolizes several attributes such as serenity, purity and modesty, which makes it extremely desirable. These orphic gems are wanted by all. Pearl jewellery such as necklaces and pendants are handed down from one generation to another. Many are considered a family heirloom. These embellishments are expensive and captivating; making the wearer glow with its radiance. Pearls help the wearer revive their youth.

Rings and earrings are some of the other ornaments that are crafted from these shimmering round beauties.

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