Pearl Necklaces – Give Your Personality A Quick Switchover

Planning to attend a wedding, a high profile cocktail party or maybe an engagement ceremony of your close friend? Whatever maybe the reason, a pearl necklace is a great way to enhance your beauty quotient.

Pearl necklaces and women are made for each other. Wear a pearl necklace if you want a quick personality switchover. The radiance from these sea gems will make you look younger, sophisticated and regal.

A pearl necklace is made from the following orphic gems.

  1. Akoya pearls

    These highly lustrous pearls are the preferred choice of many craftsmen. It’s perfect round body and spotless surface makes it a perfect candidate for designing necklaces. The size of Akoya pearls ranges from 2mm to 10mm. White and cream are the two popular colors.

  2. South Sea Pearls

    South Sea pearls are found off the coasts Australia and South-East Asian countries including Indonesia. They range in size from 9mm to 20mm and are available in white, cream and golden colors.

  3. Tahitian Pearls

    Tahitian Pearls, also called South Sea Black pearls are available in dark shades such as grey, blue and green. Necklaces created from these pearls have great metallic sheen that creates a mystical charm around a woman.

  4. Freshwater pearls

    Grown in fresh water bodies, these are available in an array of shapes and colors. These Akoya look-alike orphic gems are quite affordable and necklaces created from them look trendy and suitable for casual wearing.

Necklaces crafted from pearls are categorized according to their length. Mentioned below are some of the popular categories.

  1. Collar type necklace is 10 inches to 13 inches long and look good on collared dresses or low cut strapless outfits.
  2. Choker type necklace is 16 inches to 18 inches long. It can be worn on any dress.
  3. Princess pearl necklace is about 17 to 20 inches long and can be worn on collared or low cut dresses. Its more than average length makes the wearer look tall.
  4. Matinee pearl necklace is 20 inches to 24 inches; most suitable for corporate women.
  5. Opera pearl necklace is 28 inches to 34 inches and looks great on low cut gowns.
  6. Rope pearl necklace is 45 inches and above; its flexible design allows many options. It can be broken down into two or three pieces; to be worn as a bracelet and a necklace. It can also be wrapped around the neck in double or triple strands.

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