Pearls – A Woman’s True Friend

Pearls – mysterious, enchanting, sublime. A woman’s true friend! These sea gems have since time immemorial enhanced the beauty of women from all classes of society.

They are found in salt waters, predominantly the seas and freshwaters such as lakes, ponds and rivers. The most popular mollusks, the womb for the growth of these organic beauties, are the Akoya oysters, the black-lipped oysters and the silver or gold lipped oysters. Depending on their place of origination and source of cultivation (saltwater or freshwater) they are broadly categorized into four families.

Black pearls also called the Tahitian cultured orphic gems are found inside the black-lipped Pinctada Margaritifera. Cultivated mainly in the lagoons of French Polynesia they are characterized by various shapes, diameters, qualities and several shades of colors ranging from metallic blue/green to black. They are also found in multi-hued tones.

Akoya pearls are symbols of elegance, beauty, hope, love and triumph. They are the most popular of all pearl types; available between 3 to 10mm diameters, their colors range from white to cream, pink to light green, blue and silver.

A pink pearl gives the wearer that sophisticated look because of its superb radiance. It also makes a perfect valentine gift.

White Akoya orphic gems are considered the most authoritative amongst the cultured pearls; they are completely round with satiny luster and lovely shine. They are produced by Pinctada Martensii or Pinctada Fucata oysters.

White South Sea Pearls are appreciated for their large size, high luster and colors ranging from white and cream, to silver, pink, lavender and gold. Found off the coasts of Australia and Indonesia they are one of the rarest and most valued pearls in the world. The majority of them are cultured pearls with an average diameter of about 13.0 mm.

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The golden pearls are the rarest of all orphic gems, cultured in the oceans off the coast of Australia and French Polynesia. Found inside the oyster called, Pinctada Maxima their color varies from yellow to golden shades.

The choice with people may vary, but all orphic gems have the inherent quality of enhancing the beauty of the wearer.

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