Pearls and Fashion

Pearls are more than just the semi-precious birthstone for June. Pearls bring thoughts of elegance, purity and reverence. Pearl comes from the word “perna” which is Latin for “spherical.” Pearls have been on the fashion scene almost since they were discovered more than 4,000 years ago.

Perfect String of Pearls

Often one of the first valuable gifts a woman receives is that perfect string of pearls. Strings of pearls have been fashion mainstays for centuries, often accompanied by the all-important “little black dress” that everyone woman has in her closet. The look is one of understated elegance and beauty but in a simplistic, understated way.

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

At one time, young girls looked at pearls as something only a grandmother would wear, but that trend is changing. Pearls are making a comeback in the fashion world but with a definite edginess not seen in pearl fashions of the past. Chokers with giant pearls are appearing on fashion runways and ear cuffs with large pearls attached have been seen on the fashion elite. Although pearls are often thought of as traditional gems, designers are developing new designs using pearls that appeal to a younger market.

Choose Wisely

The important thing to remember when buying pearls is to choose wisely. Although it is possible to purchase a less expensive strand, most jewelers recommend saving money until you can afford a more expensive piece of fine jewelry. They say that purchasing better quality insures that the piece can be passed down through generations and still be as beautiful as it was the day it was originally purchased.

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Pearls are timeless, no matter what type of strand it is, yet newer fashion trends are to create edgier, more modern versions of pearl necklaces, rings and earrings that are drawing an even greater audience among younger people.

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