Pearls & Pearl Necklaces – A short guide

A pearl is a birthstone for the month of June. It is also a birthstone for Gemini and Cancer sun signs. This does not mean people from other sun signs do not wear them. On the contrary adornments crafted from these orphic gems are adored and cherished by women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Pearls are formed when a grain of sand or other foreign object enters a mollusk. An organic matter is instantly secreted to cover the irritant. This secretion is called nacre; concentric layers of nacre ultimately transform into a pearl.

Iridescence, lustre, sheen, radiance are some of the words associated with these sea gems. They are broadly classified as Natural or cultured. They are further divided into cultured freshwater and cultured saltwater, depending on the type of water bodies used to harvest them.

Pearl necklaces are typically categorized according to their lengths. They are made up from an array of orphic gems; each of them has their own characteristics. Women prefer necklaces that are crafted from white orphic gems.

Cultured saltwater pearls, such as the South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and Akoya pearl are costly than freshwater pearls. The reason; they are uniform in shape and color, which can vary from classic white to silver. There are other orphic gems, such as Tahitian which are distinguished by their dark hues. The size of orphic gems range from 2mm to 20mm.

The shortest necklace is the collar design; about 12 to 13 inches long it is a perfect accessory for collared dresses. On the other end is the rope design. Its length exceeds 45 inches. A rope pearl necklace has several clasps which can be broken down into smaller pieces. It can also be wrapped around the neck in double or triple strands.

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In between the collar and rope design there are other necklaces of varying lengths such as choker, princess, matinee and opera.

A pearl necklace radiates amazing glow; making a woman look fairer and lovable.

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