Pearls… The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Daughter This Year

Check out this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl necklace choker.
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Your daughter is the true gemstone in your life. So, why not show her just how precious you are with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Give her pearl jewelry this year.

With Valentine’s Day 2018 right quickly approaching, it’s time to start shopping for the best gifts for the young lady in your life. What could be more fitting for your precious gem than cultured pearls?

Give Your Daughter the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift in 2018

We all know that Valentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating love. But, it’s not just limited to the love shared between lovers. People give gifts on this special day to show their love for mothers, grandmothers, lady friends, and of course, daughters and granddaughters.

Pearl jewelry is the perfect way to show your daughter not just how much you love her, but that’s she’s a treasured gem in your life.

Crystals & Pearls Necklace & Earrings Set
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Crystals & Pearls Necklace & Earrings Set. Image Source: Pinterest

Pearl Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

One of the most popular gifts for daughters on Valentine’s Day is a set of pearl earrings. They come in numerous styles that she’ll appreciate for years to come.

If your daughter is likes the feminine look, drops pearl earrings make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. For a classic, more simple option, look into pearl drop earrings. They’ll give her look a little pizzazz. Thinking she’d like more colorful gemstones? Then, a great choice would be large pearl earrings featuring various pearl colors and hues.

Another awesome gift idea for your daughter on Valentine’s Day is a pearl bracelet. It will bring attention to her wrist, hand and arm as she dons it. Choose from many feminine styles. You can even personalize the pearl bracelet with a heart pendant or custom engraving.

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Personalized Valentine's Day Name Bracelets for Girls
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Personalized Valentine’s Day Name Bracelets for Girls. Image Source: Little Girls Pearls

She’ll love a pearl bracelet with a simple charm. Or, choose a colorful charm that makes her stand out from the crowd. Either way, you’ll help her create a fun look that makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter.

Then, there’s the ever-classic princess length pearl necklace. It is a versatile piece of pearl jewelry fit for both daytime and evening wear and affairs. Your daughter can wear her strand of pearls to school events or a friendly backyard barbecue.

princess length pearl necklaces gently lay on the edge of the collarbone. This makes them not only comfortable to wear, but easy to see and very eye-catching.

Pearl Necklace Length Chart
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Pearl Necklace Length Chart. Image Source: Pinterest

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Daughter in 2018

Pearls are timeless gemstones that retain their value forever (when cared for properly). Today’s pearl jewelry makes awesome fashion pieces that are nothing like your grandmother’s pearls.

You can find cultured pearls in a wide variety of pearl colors, from the classic white, ivory and cream freshwater and Akoya pearls, to the peacock green, grey and black Tahitian pearls, and just about every color in between.

Check out this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl necklace choker.
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Check out this gorgeous leather wrap and pearl necklace choker. Image Source: Fallon Jewelry

Round shaped pearls are generally the classic favorites. However, many fashionistas enjoy the uniqueness of baroque and irregular shaped gemstones. If you want to win her heart, look for unique shapes set in creative jewelry designs.

Strands of pearls come in numerous styles as well, from princess length, to rope length, from opera length to chokers. Longer pearl necklaces, such as rope lengths, can be doubled or tripled to create a look of layered strands of pearls.

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Is Your Daughter a Pearls Kind of Girl?

Thinking your daughter is not really a strand of pearls kind of girl? Then, how about a pearl pendant necklace? She’ll look amazing in a necklace with pearls that fall to the center of her chest in mixed pearl colors and/or graduated sizes.

For a more striking look, give your daughter a mixture of cultured pearls in black and white colors. You can even find classic pearl stud earrings in a range of shades for a colorful, unique look.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for daughters: Simple Stones & Pearls Hair Comb
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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for daughters: Simple Stones & Pearls Hair Comb. Image Source: Weddings Flowers and Gifts

Feminine ladies are impressed by pearl jewelry designs featuring emulated flowers and pearls as the jewelry centerpieces. She’ll also appreciate a pearl ring. For a simpler look, a single-pearl ring will do. However, to add more pizzazz to her look, how about a cluster-pearl ring, or one that features both pearls and other gemstones?

When it comes to buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter, the possibilities are endless. From the setting to the gems, from classic to trendy, you can find pearl jewelry for her that stands the tests of time. So, go ahead and show your creativity. Buy her cultured pearl jewelry this year, and prepare yourself for the glow of excitement in your gem’s eyes.

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