How to Plan the Best Labor Day Backyard BBQ Ever

Labor Day means a 3-day holiday weekend. And, it’s one of the best times to plan your last backyard BBQ of the summer season. The sun will be up and shining bright. Your BBQ grill will be nice and hot. And, all your friends and family can come through to celebrate with you.

15 Tips to Throwing a “Hot” Backyard BBQ for Labor Day

But, how do you make sure your outdoor event goes off without a hitch? Well, it takes planning.

So, follow these 15 tips to plan a Labor Day backyard BBQ everyone will be talking about for ages:

  1. Plan Ahead of Time – Try to do as much of the cooking ahead of time as possible. Choose recipes that can be cooked or prepped the day before Labor Day. That way, you have more time to spend with your guests.
  2. Don’t Fall Prey to Bugs – You need to protect yourself from mosquitos and protect your food from pests. Only put out small amounts of food at a time to keep it fresh all day. Then, keep it covered with glass or plastic covers or insect nets. And, use tiki torches, mosquito lamps or other bug-repelling devices to keep mosquitos at bay.
  3. Make It Cool – The sun is generally blazing on Labor Day. So, your backyard BBQ needs shade to keep your guests comfy. Create multiple shaded areas with patio umbrellas, canopies, etc.…
  4. Weigh Down Lightweights – Even in the summer, the wind can be a problem during an outdoor party. So, be sure to weight down any lightweight items, so they won’t go blowing in the wind. This includes napkins and tablecloths.
  5. Make Hydrating a Priority – Keep yourself and your guest hydrated throughout the day. Whip up a nice, cold batch of homemade lemonade. Make sure there are cold, glasses of wine. And, always make sure to have a heavy stock of cold, bottled waters on-hand.
  6. Delete the Lines – Want to avoid having your backyard BBQ Labor Day guests standing in lines for drink refills? Then, set up multiple stations with various types of drinks around your yard. Stock beer, wine, soda and whatever else your crew enjoys.
  7. Use Disposable Cups – You don’t have to be super-creative here. Buy a few cups to commemorate the Labor Day occasion for decorations. Then, purchase plain, cheap cups and plastic glasses for your guests to use.
  8. Be Crafty with Cups – Get yourself a Sharpie and use it to draw on boxes. This is where your guests will write their names so they can keep up with their cups.
  9. Don’t Waste Cups – Have your guests write their names on their cups and glasses. This will save money, as guests tend to use one cup after another, especially as the alcohol sets in over time.
  10. Colors Matter – Summertime is all about festive, bright colors. So, it’s okay if you’re not interested in the traditional “red, white and blue” Labor Day colors. Go ahead and liven up your yard. Decorate your tables with beautiful, bright flowers and your backyard with colorful lanterns and napkins.
  11. Light Up the Night – It can get a bit chilly on summer nights, plus it’s really dark. Place a bunch of candles around the yard to light up when the sun goes down. Citronella candles help ward off pests. Also, add a firepit to the mix to warm up the area. Or, simply have a bunch of blankets and throws on-hand for your guests to use.
  12. Keep Things Casual – Instead of planning an entire meal, serve easy and quick finger foods and small bites. Place them on trays and set them out for guests to nibble on at their leisure. Cheese trays are always fun, according to Susan Herrman Loomis, award-winning food writer. Make dessert fresh and simple with a summer fruit salad.
  13. Use Your BBQ Grill – Now, this is when the backyard BBQ party really gets started. You can always go with the classics… grilled hot dogs and burgers. Or, you can mix it up a bit… shish kabobs, street tacos, asparagus, pineapples and so much more!
  14. Entertainment Counts – Make sure to plan some fun backyard BBQ activities and games to keep everyone entertained. Keep in mind that it will be hot. So, plan things that don’t require a whole lot of effort. Rule of thumb: If you can do it while you hold a drink in your hand, then it’s a good summertime BBQ game.
  15. Mingle, Mingle, Mingle – Have your guests write their names on name tag stickers. Setup places for them to mingle with others away from dining tables. Place benches in areas away from the loud music so guests can relax while they chat. Then, make sure you mingle with everyone at your gathering.
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Looking Good on Labor Day

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