Roundup: How to Make Pearls Trendy Again

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How to make pearls trendy again? We’d like to give a shout out to Netflix for helping to make pearls trendy again with its hit series The Crown. But, these natural little gemstones were stealing the fashion scene long before that. Celebrities from all walks of life have also done their parts to bring pearls back in style. From Red Carpet events to NY and Paris Fashion Weeks, pearls are the diamonds of choice these days.

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Photo Credit: WireImage

So many fashion icons have turned to pearl jewelry to bring out their stylish outfits. Millenial celebrities from Rihanna to Kate Middleton, from Scarlett Johansson to Katy Perry… pearls are for good girls… pearls are for bad girls… pearls are a girl’s new best friend.

Tips on How to Make Pearls Trendy Again

But, what else can pearl jewelers do to make pearls trendy again? Well, we turned to some experts to help us with this. We wanted them to give us some ideas to help us transform these lustrous gems into trendy, fashion statements again. They were asked the following:

“Pearls are classified as an old-fashioned item. How would you market or advertise pearls to make them trendy again?”

Here are some of our favorites responses:

Les Hanna – Hanna Arts Photography – Murrayville, GA

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Photo Credit: Rachel McHardy

Marketing Pearls: Sexy and beautiful shells. A strand of pearls in a boudoir portrait is
always a sexy touch. An ad campaign with these types of pictures will make
women want to feel & look like the model does, desirable.


Beverly Solomon – Beverly Solomon Design – Lampasas, TX

How to make pearls trendy again: Since I love pearls, this is an easy topic for me.
Here are a few quick points in under 100 words.

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What makes mid-century modern design so hot now is what made pearls so
popular in that time period–simplicity and natural, understated elegance.

Pearls have a beauty and elegance that approaches being magical.

They stand on their own.

When worn with classic fashions of quality fabrics and clean cuts, they
project poise and elegance better than any other jewelry choice. Also, they
instantly transform denim into an elegant outfit. Think Ralph Lauren.

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Rachel McHardy – Rachel McHardy Photography – Hood River, OR

As a photographer and stylist, I’d create 4 distinct looks- romantic, classic, hipster/trendy, and edgy- using the same model wearing pearls in each look. With the influence of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, and other photo driven media in today’s world, I think powerful imagery would go a long way in sharing your concept about pearls.


Paige Elliott – Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate – Dallas, TX

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Pearls trendy again: I used to be in the Retail/Wholesale/Fashion world…. and pearls are a classic!

I think if you were to target a new or younger audience: not your grandmother’s pearls
– feature colored pearls- black for example could be edgy. Pink pearls would totally fit in with the rose craze.

They are a minimalist statement… so I think use them with some forward fashion and let them play off each other.

Eco friendly– made organically–good investment pieces, etc… These are topics of interests to the younger crowd.


Kate Cheng – S for Sparkle – San Francisco, CA

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Make pearls trendy again: Every woman should own a pair of Pearl earrings because pearls come from the ocean and the ocean is affected by the moon. It creates a cycle of feminine power when one wears pearls. This is how I’m going to market my pearl jewelry to make it trendy again as we are living in the time of rising feminine power.

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Lauren Purcell – Swoon Soiree – Bon Air, VA

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Pearls: Hello. I am a wedding planner so I have seen lots of executions of pearls. Yes, they are seen as traditional and outdated with some women however there are several ways to jazz them up.

To make pearls more modern they need to have a different style execution:

  • Extra long stands of pearls
  • Some leather or chains mixed in
  • Mismatch sizing of the pearls
  • Pearls worn with a fashionable t-shirt and jeans
  • A classic strand of pearls stacked with some more modern jewelry
  • Pearl chokers, maybe on a slider with a long strand
  • Pearl earrings on a rod, for a front and back view, almost like an industrial piercing rod but much more elegant and for the lobes
  • Oversize pearls on statement jewelry
  • Nail art
  • On shoes
  • On pet accessories

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.


Gina Fagnani – Fabulous Creations – Etsy (online)

How to make pearls trendy again: In response to your request about pearls….

I incorporate my freshwater pearls with modern elements such as
geometric forms giving it a more modern look. I also describe my
natural pearl pieces as classic and timeless as it’s what I
feel pearls are.


Ashley Rossiter – Sylvia Kerr Jewellery – Angus, Scotland

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How to make pearls trendy again: To answer your question, our client Sylvia Kerr of Sylvia Kerr Jewellery (www.sylviakerrjewellery.com) has put a contemporary twist on pearls incorporating them into silver yet harnessing their strong association with the equestrian roots – we market them with that inspiration in mind.

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Jessica Thorpe – gen.video – New York, NY

Pearls: Think one of the best ways to start a trend it to activate social media influencers. We just did a joint study with Geometry Global on the impact of social media content in driving sales at it is 94% more influential than family and friends.

Would be happy to share more thoughts and the white paper if there was interest.

Fashion influencers across both YouTube and Instagram set trends and make them known. Put those pearls in the right hands and I bet they are ‘in again’ in no time.


Robert Barrows – R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations – San Mateo, CA

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Start with the oyster: If you want to heighten interest in pearls, do some stories and videos that start with the formation of pearls and tell me about how they grow and how they form and how rare they are…and where you can find pearls, etc.

How come I never see a pearl in the oysters I eat? How rare are they? What are the selling points of a fine pearl?

Tell me all about the story of pearls and then tell me more about their myth and magic.


Rebecca Wong – Veestro – Los Angeles, CA

How to make pearls trendy again: I wanted to direct you to my close friend Will Hanigan. He is an incredible pearl diver and jeweler, with custom creations in high-end boutiques and stores around the country.

I think he’s a great source for your feature.


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