Roundup: How to Make Pearls More Appealing to Men Buying Jewelry

Here Alice Cooper (right) is wearing an Alexander the Great pearl necklace for men. (Pictured with Johnny Depp)
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When it comes to buying jewelry, men tend to buy what they like. But, when they’re buying jewelry for the women in their lives, it’s all about her. He needs to know that what he’s buying for her will make her happy. So, how do marketers make pearls more appealing to men?

First, we’d like to give a shout out to A1 Bentley of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality TV show. This successful producer wears pearls every chance he gets. He’s a fashion icon who knows how to set trends. And, even though he loves wearing pearls, A1 Bentley is all man!

So, what are some other ways we can make pearls more appealing to men like A1 and other men around the world?

A1 Bentley of LHHH Loves Wearing Pearls on Every Episode.
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A1 Bentley of LHHH Loves Wearing Pearls on Every Episode.

…because real men wear pearls too!

Ways to Make Pearls More Appealing to Men Who Buy Jewelry

We asked our audience for tips to get more men to buy pearl jewelry online. Here were our questions:

How can marketers make pearls more appealing to men buying jewelry online?

Men are the ones that buy jewelry online for their women. How can marketers make pearls more appealing to these men? And, can men wear pearls too?

Our audience is a creative one. People submitted some really awesome ideas. Some are pretty basic, while others are very creative. Here are some of our favorites:

Jonathan Poston

Pearls appealing to men: The pearl carries a mystique that is often more deeply appreciated in the old world, where gifts of jade and gold are more commonplace in business deals. Leverage pearls as a symbol of good faith in negotiating high-value deals.

Jonathan Poston M.E.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Wearing Pearls... Because Real Men Wear Pearls Too!
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Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Wearing Pearls… Because Real Men Wear Pearls Too!

Ricardo Ramos – QNY Creative

Pearls of Wisdom: I have two words for you; Product Placement.

An appealing product-ritual must be created in order for social attitudes to be changed over time. To achieve this, pearls need wide exposure linked to elements this demographic puts a high value on.

The historical use of this strategy by DeBeers campaigns changed the markets (and men’s) perception towards diamonds a product with little to no market back in the 1930’s.

Ricardo Ramos
Head of Strategy
QNY Creative

Margaret Andriassian – Beverly Hills Shirt Co. – Beverly Hills, CA

Pharrell Williams Wearing Pearls on Stage... Because Real Men Wear Pearls Too!
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Pharrell Williams Wearing Pearls on Stage… Because Real Men Wear Pearls Too!

I’m reaching out from Anto, America’s leading distinctive shirtmaker. Since 1955, Anto has been handcrafting bespoke shirting, in the USA, for high profile men and women including actors, politicians, royalty, and industry executives, along with many men and women who are conductors of fine bespoke clothing. The majority of our clients are men that purchase
custom made dress shirts.

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All Anto shirts are made with Mother of Pearl buttons that are imported from overseas. Mother of Pearl buttons add quality, luxury and durability to all of Anto’s fine custom made shirts.

I hope this helps your quest on how men can wear pearls!

All the Best,
Margaret Andriassian

McKinzie Brocail – Medology.com & McKinzieWrites.com

I am a travel blogger and content marketer, and here’s my take on making pearls appealing as engagement/wedding rings:

Pearls are associated with the beach and the ocean. If you’re a couple who love to travel to sandy destinations or sail, a pearl engagement ring can be a great way to commemorate both your love and your love of the sea.

It can also be symbolic to water signs (Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios), so if you are looking to get your loved one a classy, nautical ring, pearls are a great option. Imagine how stunning a pearl would look in a clam shell ring box during a proposal!

McKinzie Brocail
Travel Blogger

Here Alice Cooper (right) is wearing an Alexander the Great pearl necklace for men. (Pictured with Johnny Depp)
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Here Alice Cooper (right) is wearing an Alexander the Great pearl necklace for men. (Pictured with Johnny Depp)

Louis Gudema – revenue + associates

Response: marketing pearls: People buy with emotion and if a man is buying jewelry for his woman it’s to make the woman feel great. Not every man is going to buy pearls, but for those who would an online display ad or website showing a man and woman interacting when he’s putting a pearl necklace on her from behind, and the pleasure on her face, will inspire them.

Louis Gudema
revenue + associates

Slogan: Helping companies grow faster.

Chris McCarron – Flash Bang SEO – Glasgow, Scotland

Easy answer: Hey, I work with Neil Patel, Noah Kagan and international brands such as Roadtrippers. Here’s my quote.

The easy answer is to stop guessing what will make men buy your products. Instead mine Amazon reviews for their common likes, dislikes, and emotional triggers.

Take notes, look for patterns and then use this research to tackle objections. Use the exact terminology that they use and tap into the emotions that triggered their purchase. Then watch your sales skyrocket.

Chris McCarron

Laura Hall – Shiply

Latch on to the vintage trend: There are many women out there who adore the vintage aesthetic – appealing to partners of these women could be a great way to market pearls.

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Jewellery is typically marketed toward the idea of luxury and big money – an unrelatable world to most people, so appealing to a more vintage-inspired couple could be just the ticket.

Getting involved in vintage fairs to find the Marilyn Monroes rather than the modern Instagram models would be a great fit and could really pay off.

Laura Hall
Marketing Executive at Shiply


James Nowlin – The Purposeful Millionaire – Austin, TX

Randy Jackson Steven Tyler wearing pearl necklaces.
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Randy Jackson Steven Tyler wearing pearl necklaces.

I have a handful of male clients who are fascinated by pearls. Here is my answer to your query.

“The most powerful men in history have worn pearls. Our pearls, imbued with power and nobility, are designed only for those who are men among men. Are you man enough for one?”

James R. Nowlin

James Pollard – The Advisor Coach


“Marketers can make pearls more appealing to men by demonstrating centers of influence or celebrities using pearls. Making it known that someone in professional sports or a famous Hollywood actor purchased pearls for his significant other makes it more likely that a man will emulate this behavior.”

“Can men wear pearls? Of course. The discerning gentleman with a taste for fine jewelry can most certainly wear pearls. If they were good enough for ancient royalty, they’re good enough for today’s sophisticated man.”

I hope that helps!
Thanks a lot,
James Pollard

Reuben Kats – Falcon Marketing, LLC – North Hollywood, CA

Marketers are growing at a fast pace these days and competition is expanding as well. Marketers need to start thinking outside the box.

To whom it may concern,

When a business is growing especially in the jewelry industry, the marketing department needs to be on the track of their promotions, deals, and any events. One has to get them signed up to a monthly newsletter, email promotional codes to save money on future purchases, add crystal clear messages that turn people’s attention to what they truly want.

Men are the ones usually buying luxurious gifts for their spouses when one buys jewelry like pearls a man needs to be assured that his partner will like it. When a man sees a celebrity wearing a pair of diamond and pearls they now that this company is legitimate. Men can definitely wear pearls, I have Tahitian pearl necklaces I wear.

Reuben Kats
Web Design Sales Engineer /Customer Service/ Account Manager
GrabResults, LLC

Michael O’Connor – Style and Substance

As a celebrity stylist and Jewelry/Style expert here are my thoughts.

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Pearls have previously been seen as a jewel for women, mainly because of pearl strands. Today, however, the market is perfect for men to also embrace pearls. Designers who give pearls a masculine and casual feel will benefit. Some great men’s styling includes single black pearls on a neck-cord or small darker colored pearls on leather bracelets.

The key is to provide a rough-hewn or casual feel that’s fashionable and not too precious at price points that make the pearl piece less of a “considered purchase” and more of a fun accessory that will go with everything.

Michael O’Connor
TV Host, Style Commentator, Celebrity Stylist

Rob Boirun – PopNet Media LLC.

One of the best things I can picture for effective marketing of pearl to men would be to have many images of pearls on ‘real women’. Personally, I would like to see how pearls are used by women and how they ultimately look being worn before I buy one for my lady.

Rob Boirun
Reviewster Network

Pharrell Williams is a sexy man wearing pearls on a casual day.
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Pharrell Williams is a sexy man wearing pearls on a casual day.

Casey Tibbs – image squared marketing – Effingham, IL

Good afternoon! Here is my response:

If I were tasked with marketing pearl jewelry to a male audience of jewelry gift buyers, I’d go straight for the mildly risqué. My first thought is a campaign titled something like Hunting for the Pearl? Hunt No More.

Use elegant imagery that shows, for example, a man choosing a pearl wedding ring, in focus, with traditional diamond rings looking dull in the background. In other ads, go straight for the risqué with a man and woman’s hands caressing a piece of pearl jewelry and the tagline, She’ll Love it When You Find Her Pearl.

Casey Tibbs
Owner & Founder of image squared marketing, a boutique marketing agency in
Central Illinois.

Kanye West wore a custom-created pearl embellished jeans jacket to a Met Gala with wife Kim Kardashian.
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Kanye West wore a custom-created pearl embellished jeans jacket to a Met Gala with wife Kim Kardashian.

Danny Welsh – CubicZirconia.com – Bedford, KY

[bctt tweet=”She decides and buys, and he pays and wraps.” username=”thepearlsource”]

Men buy jewelry that: the woman in his life explicitly tells him to buy, overtly hints she wants ‘someday’, or subtly arranges for him to indirectly ‘discover’ she wants through some sneaky feminine ninjitsu men will never understand.

That accounts for why 70% of our website traffic demographic is made up of women, who spend an average 11 minutes on our site…and yet 70% of our sales are to men who spend an average 112 seconds on our site.

Conclusion: marketers selling to men are mistaking how the actual purchase process most
often happens. She decides and buys, and he pays and wraps.

Danny Welsh

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