Roundup of the Top Pearl Stories of 2017 You Need to Know About

Mizuki Pearl Jewelry Collection

In 2017, we watched jewelry trends evolve to include the almighty pearls in some fascinating ways. Once considered a gemstone for aristocrats, royalty and the stuffy, pearls have been reborn, thanks to jewelry designers around the world. And, we found the top pearl stories written about the gemstones in 2017.

Good Feng Shui Handmade Crystal and Pearl Bracelet
Good Feng Shui Handmade Crystal and Pearl Bracelet. Image Source: Pinterest

Some of the most famous designers transforming the gemstones into timely, unforgettable pieces include:

  • Viren Bhagat
  • Yvel
  • Chanel
  • Nikos Koulis
  • Mizuki

Each new piece is unique, like nothing seen in the past. You’ll find subtle creations made to be worn every day. There are also some really bold pieces used by celebrities, divas, fashionistas and pearl lovers to make statements while stealing spotlights.

And, we’re here to report on them. Check out these top pearl stories published online last year.

6 Interesting Top Pearl Stories Published Last Year

Here are six top pearl stories about the gemstones published online in 2017:

1. Trend to Watch: Modern Pearls

This popular slideshow is one of the top pearl stories from last year. It’s all about trends to watch related to modern pearls. According to the article, pearls are nature’s miracle that’s been hailed since ancient times.

Theodoros Savopoulos Pearl Earrings
Theodoros Savopoulos Pearl Earrings. Image Source: Robb Report

The most common pearl shapes created by oysters are spheres. Other gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds, need to be cut and polished before the market considers them gems. Pearls, however, skip this rough state, so they are gems from birth.

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Discovered pearls are used by designers to create jewelry pieces that stand the tests of time. Last year, pearl jewelers came up with fashionable ways to transform the gemstones into jewels for modern, stylish woman. Pearl jewelry designers used contrast color, a lot of drama and sharp angles to create pieces that truly catch the eye.

2. The Pearls Everyone Wants

Ever heard of the Mizuki collection? Well, it features baroque pearls that are unusually large in casual jewelry pieces. Some popular pieces include simple bracelets made of gold wire and pearls, and lariats made of leather-cords and pearls.

Mizuki Pearl Jewelry
Mizuki Pearl Jewelry. Image Source: Robb Report

New York jewelry designer Mizuki Goltz creates the stylish pearl jewelry for those who want to make a statement. His pieces were so hot in 2017, he could barely keep up with the market demand.

The collection contains contemporary jewelry that spotlights the large baroque pearls’ singular curves. Her wearable pearl jewelry pieces are unique, amazing and truly worthy of being on our top pearl stories list.

3. What You Need to Know About Pearls

With each new year, designers continue to revitalize pearl jewelry. There seems to be no limits to style and design ideas for such pieces.


No longer are collections limited to classic white strands of pearls and simple white pearl earrings. Today, celebrities and socialites join the trendy and sexy to enjoy more vibrant variants that make the pieces fashionably trendy.

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The article profiles some of the most cherished pearls on the market, including:

4. Designers Making the Cool Pearl Jewelry You Want

The intent of this pearl story was to spread the word that pearls are back! The pearl jewelry designs of 2017 were wearable and fun. They celebrated the baroque pearl’s unusual shapes.

Mizuki Pearl Jewelry Collection
Mizuki Pearl Jewelry Collection. Image Source: Marissa Collections

This is one of the top pearl stories that features creations by such famous designers as:

  • Theresa Harper Bruno of Jordan Alexander
  • Mizuki Goltz
  • Yvel

These iconic pearl houses are leading the way in the recreation of the look and design of the lustrous gemstone.

From stackable bangle pearl bracelets to chic asymmetric pearl rings, from uniquely designed strands of baroque pearls to large pearl earrings, these designers craft pearl jewelry that sets the wearer apart from the crowd.

5. 4 Fresh Pearl Designs to Add to Your Summer Collection

Nikos Koulis creates pearl jewelry pieces with detailed geometric designs and patterns. The lariat necklace features diamonds and small gray pearls, along with vibrant 18-karat gold hoop earrings with sparkling diamonds.

Huge Black Lugano Pearl Necklace
Huge Black Lugano Pearl Necklace. Image Source: Lyst

Lugano pearls are all about being charming, colorful and exotic. The collection features pearls set in blue-titanium contrasting earrings with tiny diamonds outlining them. Its pink pearl earrings are made with rare conch gemstones, surrounded by smaller diamonds and conch pearls in reddish-orange colors.

These jewelry pieces come in pearl colors from hot pink to cool gray. The pearl designs come in awesome colors, and the pieces can be worn all year long.

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6. Striking New Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been effectively captivating the world with their unique shapes, colorful hues and awesome luster for centuries. Fall 2017 brought us pearl jewelry collections with lavish designs that highlight the mystique of the gems.

Modern Pearl Jewelry
Modern Pearl Jewelry

Designers are doing what it takes to give them a more modern appeal in jewelry pieces from pearl necklaces to pearl rings, from pearl cuffs to pearl ear clips.

How did you enjoy our roundup of the top pearl stories of 2017?

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