Should You Follow Pearl Fashion Trends?

If you love wearing pearls, then you probably notice certain trends from time to time. Whether that’s a trend towards dangling pearl earrings, tincup pearls, or even just a certain color of pearl being worn more often.

While you may want to follow every trend that you see, it can be difficult and expensive to do so. How do you stay current without amassing a collection of pearls?

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For the pearl newcomer

If you are just getting used to wearing pearl jewelry, the amount of choices that you have can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to choose just one type or style of pearl.

That’s ok; you have plenty of time to build your collection of pearls, but when you are starting it’s important that you stick to one type, style, and color. For most newcomers, you want to start with the traditional options: a white pearl necklace, preferably princess length (17-19 inches), and some white pearl stud earrings. These two options are great choices to start, and from there you can take your pearl collection in any direction that you want.

To start, you want to stick to basics and be wary of fashion trends. Without fully understanding what you like and don’t like when it comes to pearls, you risk amassing a collection of pearls that you never wear if you chase trends.

For the pearl veteran

This is a tougher decision, and one that is more dependent on your style. Following pearl fashion trends is a great idea at this point, because you already have many of the more traditional pearl jewelry options.

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The big problem that you will likely run into is when you find a trend that you like, but you don’t love. In this case, you will want to be wary, because following trends that call for a style that isn’t similar to your own will result in a lot of pearl jewelry that you may wear once and then forget about. Instead, focus on finding styles that go with clothing that you have in your closet right now. This will keep you away from too many risqué styles while allowing you to branch out from your traditional pearl jewelry.

If you’re a newcomer to wearing pearls, it’s important to stick with traditional styles and leave the style chasing for when you’ve already build up a collection of pearl jewelry that you’re comfortable with. If you already have that collection, then you can branch out a bit more, but you should make sure that your pearls are a reflection of your current style. Edgy pearl jewelry selections with a more traditional or preppy clothing choice will just look off, so stick with what you know, and what is in your closet today.

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