Skincare Trends & Goals for 2018 from DIY to Personalized

Skincare Trends & Goals for 2018

We’re getting into the new year and the trends are rolling in. Fashion and beauty have already claimed their newest additions, and now it’s time for skincare to take the spotlight.  These skincare trends and goals will keep you looking fresh all year long.

With 2018 settling in, we’re entering four seasons full of natural body products, tailored skincare routines and an era of listening to our bodies and treating them with everything they need. So let’s say goodbye to the chemicals and false enhancements of the past, and say hello to a much greener year, while taking a look at what our skincare goals can be.

Skincare Trends and Goals for 2018
Skincare Trends and Goals for 2018. Image Source: Unsplash

Skincare Trends and Goals to Get You Through 2018 Looking Amazing

Skincare Trends and Goals: Tailored Routines

It has been the talk of the town everywhere you look. With this new trend of tailored skincare routines, everyone gets a chance to have an in-house specialist who knows exactly what they need – in a bottle!

Just like fashion websites would sometimes give you a little quiz to find out what your style is and what you are looking for, cosmetic companies are asking you about your skin and making sure you get the right products every time. Because, let’s face it, when we’re in a store looking at hundreds of different products sitting on top of each other on the shelves, it’s hard to know exactly what is right for us.

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The trend is called bespoke skincare. And, when you think about it, it’s quite luxurious to have a product made specifically for you. It might not be cheap, but your skin is definitely worth it. There are companies that are committed only to bespoke skincare.

But, big skincare brands are jumping on the bandwagon and thinking outside of the box, like Clarins who launched a product that can be best described as the makeup equivalent of food supplements. Just add a few drops of the booster into your regular cream and enjoy the benefits.

Your skincare goal for 2018: Listen to your skin and give it exactly what it needs instead of generic products suitable for a larger audience.

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Image Source: Unsplash

Skincare Trends and Goals: Skincare from the Neck Down

Our skin is a lot more than the small part that covers our face. So, there’s always been a question of why aren’t we treating our whole body with the same care we show our face?

It seems as if the rest of our body only gets the reaction treatment, like heel creams after they get dry and tough and hand cream after our knuckles start to crack. Well, that time has certainly passed, and the golden age of body care is here.

Treat yourself to quality skincare products that are made specifically for the body and enjoy the softness and dewy glow that they will leave you with. Very soon after you start using these products, you will find your skin a lot more hydrated and smooth, which also works amazingly with preventing wrinkles and aged skin, leaving you looking your best for a long time.

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Your skincare goal for 2018: Treat yourself to a body cream and appreciate your skin as a whole.

Skincare Trends and Goals: At-Home Skin Treatments

In the past few decades, we have been heavily relying on a variety of cosmetic treatments administered by professionals, including everything from peels, wraps and massages, to the tech-heavy lasers and needles. Well, it looks like this year, we are going to see something very different: DIY cosmetic treatments that have up to this point been available only in professional offices.

From teeth whitening to microneedling, there are now devices that are so easy to use, anyone can operate them. Are these products going to be as good as when the pros do it? Only time will tell, but it will certainly be more affordable in the long run. We still recommend asking your dermatologist about the potential risks before using these DIY skincare at-home devices.

Your skincare goal for 2018: Treat yourself to a cosmetic pampering session once every few months, either with a professional or an at-home spa kit.

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Image Source: Unsplash

Are pearls and other gems for more than jewelry?

Leaving the wildcard for the very end, the most questionable trend of the year is certainly gem-infused and pearl-infused skincare. After all, there’s barely any research that suggests that gems have healing abilities, and the trend has only become popular because of celebrities that have been promoting it.

However, there isn’t anything suggesting that they can be harmful, so it might just be worth a try. There are many pearl-infused skincare products sold in stores and online today.

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Your skincare goal for 2018: Try a gem-infused product! It can’t hurt, and you might just discover the future of your skincare!

Remember that no matter what the trends say, you should always do what feels good on your skin. The new flashy skincare trends and goals are there merely to let you explore all of your options, so why not give them a try?

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