South Sea Baroque Pearl Earrings – A Beautiful “Mistake”

When it comes to buying traditional, white pearls, there can come a time where you reach a breaking point. After all, how many spherical white studs can you have in your collection (the right answer is a few). If you’ve fallen in love with the indescribable beauty of pearls, but want to step outside the box a bit, then it may be time for you to look into some of the other options that the pearl industry has for you.

9-11.5mm South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace
9-11.5mm South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace

South Sea pearls have long been considered to be an exotic choice for many. The dark colors of the pearls will directly contradict much of your pearl collection, especially if it consists of mainly white and lightly colored pearls. While South  Sea pearls are a great way to diversify your pearl collection (just take a look at some of the amazing pearl necklaces that we have to offer), they might still lack the little bit of extra ‘punch’ that you are looking for.

When you take an incredibly deep, dark South Sea pearl and look instead at the baroque options available, you might just find the alternate, exotic look that you are craving. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped, but that doesn’t mean they are any less beautiful. In fact, for someone who already has a few perfectly spherical pearl options, a baroque pearl will almost certainly satisfy your taste for something different.

The other benefit of a baroque pearl is that they are completely unique. While many traditional pearls are classified on their spherical shape, each baroque pearl can take on a totally unique shape. Not only does this look great, but you can be guaranteed that it looks nothing like anything else in your collection. Try on a pair of beautiful South Sea Baroque pearl earrings today, you might finally realize what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

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