These Standout Earrings Make Bold, Super-Trendy Statements

2018 Earring Trends - Mismatched Earrings
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Standout earrings! They are an essential addition to any outfit to making the ultimate fashion statement. An outfit is okay without them. But with the right earring pieces, they will completely transform a bland look into a head turner. Whether your taste in conservative and low key or bold and outgoing, there is a pair of these show stoppers for every occasion, every taste and every budget.

Standout Earrings Trending in 2018

In 2018, earrings have become an even bigger fashion statement. Fashion  predictions of  2017 materialized in 2018, seeing fashion houses such as Net-a-Porter producing some rather exquisite pieces that speak to diva in us.

Contemporary fashion has demanded that they become more versatile from the traditional metallic hues and precious stones to using more materials that are popular such as wood and fabric.

They have also taken on more unique shapes, designs and color hues, daring the boldest among us to bring our divas to the fore by donning them with our equally unique fashion sense.

The Fashionable Evolution of Standout Earrings

Below, we will look at the different ways in which earrings are evolving.

Standout Earrings: Shapes

Traditionally, earrings are circular, knobbed-shaped or squared-shaped. 2018 is now seeing earrings taking on more unconventional shapes namely, geometric and asymmetrical.

Fashion houses such as Annie Costello Brown, Leigh Miller and Contempoh are producing designs in some rather unique shapes.

These trendy standout earring designs add touches of elegance, class and sophistication to your outfit, so you look amazing when you attend high-end events or just to add a chic flare to your casual look.

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These earrings are definitely shaping fashion for the year 2018, paving the way for new interpretations of class and elegance.

Standout Earring: Colors

Colors is also been a game changer in the earring circle. Gone are the days when tones were simply metallic.

Fashion-centric women are now expanding their options as they choose to don more a wide array of pieces, whether dark, classy tones, bright and eclectic hues or a combination of both.

Conservatives and extroverts alike can choose to glamorize and accessorized according their tastes and levels of boldness.

Standout Earrings: Mismatched Coordination

Who said your earrings have to match each other? Gone are the days when jewelers confined themselves to making matching pairs.

Barneys New York has created earrings that are mismatched but are none the less exquisite and has a luxurious look and feel to them.

These earrings in particular are perfect for a date night out with a longtime spouse or donned with an elegant ball gown at your favorite high end charity event.

Whether you are attracted to simplicity or you’re a sucker for the finer, more artistic pieces, fear not! There are standout earrings for everyone!

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