Stunning Simplicity: Why You Should Own a Pair of Pearl Studs

own pearl studs
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Pearls are one of the most versatile and varied gemstones available anywhere. They cover nearly every color imaginable, from white and cream and rose to gold, black and dark green. They come from oceans and rivers around the world, their color and size variations due to the preferences of Mother Nature and the types of oysters that bear each pearl. While traditionally envisioned as small and round, pearls actually come in a number of shapes and sizes, giving admirers around the world a variety of pearl options from which to choose.

Just as pearls come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, the jewelry which can be created from these gemstones is just as varied. Pearls are incorporated into matching, or uniform strands, in which the same color and size of pearl is used to create an entire necklace. Or, you can find multicolor strands, in which multiple colors of pearls are used, or options in which the size of pearl uses changes along the string. There are also drop and tincup options, in which the entirety of the strand is not covered with pearls – instead, a single pearl is used as a centerpiece for the necklace (drop jewelry), or a series of pearls are placed at intervals along the necklace (tin cup style). And those are just the options for necklaces! Pearls are also made into bracelets, rings, and earrings, all of which come in a variety of styles to suit any wearer and skin tone.

With all of the incredible earring options available, choosing to go with a pair of simple pearl studs might seem like an overly-safe choice. And it is true that pearl studs may not be the loudest or most eye-catching pieces of jewelry out there. But pearl studs have been a popular jewelry item for generations, and for good reason.

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As you consider buying a simple pair of studs, consider the following:

  1. Pearl studs go with everything. While jewelry is supposed to add some excitement to your wardrobe, you don’t always have the time or energy to sift through your earring collections to find something that won’t clash with or overpower your outfit. A simple pair of pearl studs are certain to flatter your face and provide a wonderful accompaniment to any ensemble. They also look great with any face shape or hairstyle, making them a wonderful, universally-flattering option.
  1. Your pearl studs can become your signature jewelry piece. A “signature” piece of jewelry is one which you can wear every day, and for which you become “known for” wearing. While variety is the spice of life, there is a great comfort in having a singular pair of jewelry that your loved ones recognize as being yours, and which you can pass along to future generations. Pearl studs are a great option as a signature piece, and one which can be worn and re-worn frequently even if you are in the process of building a larger jewelry wardrobe.
  1. Pearl studs are an inexpensive investment. For all of the benefits of owning a pair of pearl earrings, pearl studs are very reasonably priced. Because their costs are not often prohibitive, you can afford to add to your wardrobe of pearl studs over time. And with a number of options available – including freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea and Golden Pearls – you can choose from a variety of pearl colors and sizes.

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