Pearl Diving in Tahiti: The Perfect Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon in Bora Bora

The pearl is one of the most romantic gems on the planet, with their water origins. Goddess of Love, Venus, is typically depicted to be standing in a mollusk at mid-sea. With so much romance behind pearls, it’s no wonder people are turning to pearl diving experiences for a romantic honeymoon destination of love.

Perfect Romantic Honeymoon Destination: Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa
Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa. Image Source: Pinterest

Perfect Romantic Honeymoon Destination: Diving for Pearls in Tahiti

About Tahiti Island

The French Polynesian Island of Tahiti is made up of multiple tropical islands. Each one makes an awesome romantic honeymoon destination, with the five most easily accessible being:

  1. Moorea
  2. Raiatea
  3. Tahaa
  4. Huahine
  5. Bora Bora

Each is a little slice of France. French is the official language and the cafes in the area specialize in the French cuisine.

The most famous tourist attraction to visit during your honeymoon in Tahiti is the artist Paul Gaugin. He left France for Tahiti in 1985.

Honeymoon in Bora Bora
Honeymoon in Bora Bora. Image Source: Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

Paul set up his home and studio on the island. It’s is known for its beautiful mountains that appear to be swatted in clouds, Viridian waterfalls and verdant colors. His signature soon became velvety tropical landscapes.

The dominant beauty of the pearl in Tahiti is so intense, it almost seems tangible. It’s filled with local shops, stores and galleries that feature the almighty, mysterious Tahitian pearls. These local gemstone sensations are one reason Tahiti is a romantic honeymoon destination you simply can’t pass up.

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Romantic Honeymoon Destination: Tahiti Pearl Farms

A trip to Tahiti is not complete without a visit to the pearl farms, especially if you’re on your honeymoon. They are wooden structures in the middle of the sea. It is on these farms that you learn how cultured pearls are harvested and extracted.

Experience a Unique, Adventurous Honeymoon Trip on a Tahitian Pearl Farm
Experience a Unique, Adventurous Honeymoon Trip on a Tahitian Pearl Farm. Image Source: Pinterest

You are also even given the opportunity to dive for your own pearls, making this an exciting romantic honeymoon destination for the adventurous couple.

About Cultured Tahitian Pearls

The inky, iridescent color pearls get from the black-lipped mantels and donor tissues imbued by trained technicians give cultured Tahitian pearls their uniqueness.

Pearl mollusks are placed in secluded nets at sea. The mollusks are regularly checked on. About five years later, they are fished out by technicians known as pearl farmers.

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Each mollusk is opened. A pearl may have formed in the mollusk. Long tweezers are used to extract the pearl. The pearl is then scrutinized and graded using various tools.

You may decide to skip the pearl farms and go to a local pearl jeweler instead. Make sure to inquire about the surface flaw percentage. Also, ensure you leave with a certificate of authenticity. This certifies that your gemstones are real cultured pearls.

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