The Chic Accessory for the Ages

Pearls are extremely chic and while they are currently re-trending in a very big way, they never really went out of style. The pearl comeback has made an about face and is leaning towards modern and sexy as opposed to conservative and traditional.

Before they were given their title as the most classic gem, pearls were frivolous and exciting worn flamboyantly by flappers and at parties during the 1920s era. Prior to that pearls were only worn by the rich for status and even more previously they were only allowed to be worn by royalty, as they were rare and expensive due to the  cultured pearls process not having been invented until the 1900s.

The pearls that many women today wear often and take for granted due to availability and affordable prices, was once costly and rare.  At the peak of the Roman Empire, when pearl fervor reached its climax, the Roman general Vitellius sponsored an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s pearl earrings

Pearls have always been a chic accessory for the ages and will remain current and chic for upcoming ages with more recent styles like black pearl necklaces, Akoya pearl necklaces and Freshwater pearl necklaces. Pearls are not known as the Queen of Gems for no reason. Here are some ways these up to date styles can be worn.

Some ways pearls have been used as a chic accessory, throughout the ages and adapting to all eras and fashion modes, can be seen below.

‘Forget-me-not’ tiara, 1905

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Bodice Ornament, Spain 1670

Cross Pendant, Germany 1500-40

Pearl Earrings, Roman Empire (Egypt), AD 100-200

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