How to Throw an Amazing Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party

The 2018 Oscars Awards, also known as the 90th Academy Awards, will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California at 5:00 p.m. PST on Sunday, March 4th. If you are thinking about throwing an astonishing last-minute Oscar viewing party, then you need to start planning now using these tips.

Tips for Your Last-Minute Academy Awards Oscar Viewing Party
The Academy Awards Oscar

5 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party a Smash Hit

Here are some five tips to help you execute an amazing party in your last-minute rush to view the 2018 Academy Awards with family and friends:

1. Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party: Food Ideas

Planning the food for your Academy Awards party is probably one of the hardest things to do when it comes to planning. Preparing and planning on something simple for your menu will give you a piece of mind. Oscars parties aren’t really about fancy foods as people may think. Easy appetizers and a couple of handheld treats will do.

Oscars Party Food & Table Decor
Oscars Party Food & Table Decor. Image Source: BG Events and Catering

Spinach and artichoke dips will go over well. Tarts are also good to place on your table. Sticking to easy deserts will be a good idea, if you also plan to view the Oscars this year.

There is no need to spending several hours in your kitchen baking for your Oscars party. It is simpler to procure a hoard of movie theater candy and popcorn as ultimate options for your Academy Awards event. Nothing says the movies as much as hot, buttered popcorn!

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2. Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party: Theme Ideas

For your Oscars party, you and your guests should dress up in Academy Awards-like attire. It will be a crime to dress out of the occasion. Different people may be overwhelmed with what to dress come the day.

Academy Awards Party Dress
Academy Awards Party Dress. Image Source: DH Gate

To create an interesting party twist, have everyone dress as their favorite characters from any of the 2018 nominated films. For example, if you’re a Phantom Thread fan, dress up as London’s renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock or some other famous British socialite.

Get yourself a large red fabric that leads to your living room to act as your own infamous red carpet. Or, go for the red construction paper. People will still get the idea of what the red “carpet-like” material is all about.

3. Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party: Your Guests

If you’re going to host an Oscar viewing party, you should have great knowledge of the different movies and stars who have been nominated. Your Academy Awards party guests may be the people who like the same actors and actresses as you do, or the people with whom you saw the nominated movies.

And the Oscar Goes to...
And the Oscar Goes to… Image Source: Pinterest

To make your conversations lit, have people who like opposite kinds of movies debate about why their favorites should be the winners. Be sure to serve cocktails to keep your movie debate lively and entertaining.

4. Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party: Games and Entertainment Ideas

Just like any other party, the Oscars can tend to drag on a bit. A little entertainment will actually spice up the night. While your guests are arriving or just after their arrival, you can have them choose nominated celebrities at random and write them down.

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During commercials, have them give mad-libbed speeches, pretending to be a 2018 Oscar winner. You will totally have a great time with your guests.

Oscars Party Bingo
Oscars Party Bingo. Image Source: HGTV

Another form of party entertainment may include making your own Oscar awards, making your own ballots and letting your guests cast their own ballots. This could lead to a great debate after the awards show ends. Also, in addition to all this fun, you can have an Oscars photo booth, so your guests have unique pictures to remember your party forever.

5. Last-Minute Oscar Viewing Party: The Ambiance

Last but not least, your Oscars party should not be quiet. I mean, it’s a party, so make it a noisy, fun affair. Play music that is on the soundtracks of nominated movies. All the songs can be downloaded from iTunes. You can even turn it into an Academy Awards trivia game by having people take turns guessing which movie each tune is from.

These are just simple tips to help you pull off an amazing Oscars party at the very last minute. You should look the part of a celebrity to pull of the perfect theme for your party. And, by all means, do not forget to choose your Oscars party jewelry and accessories well.

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