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Tips for Layering Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets & Pearl Rings

Layered pearl bracelets with other types of bracelets

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Layering pearl necklaces is really in right now! That’s because the only thing more stylish than a strand of pearls, is more and more pearls. If you’re into fashion trends, this one makes the ultimate statement of dazzling sophistication.

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Coco Chanel
“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was world famous for her fashion lines. But, it was her statement about pearls that many seem to remember most:

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

Here we are creeping upon a century later, and her declaration still rings true. Pearl layers are quite appropriate for black-tie events, benefits, galas and other upscale social affairs. But, these days, they are also appropriate for more toned-down events. That can be laid back gear, casual attire even office outfits… anywhere you simply want to look dazzling.

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multilayered strands of pearls.

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multilayered strands of pearls.

And, what makes pearl layers even more fun is that it’s not just limited to layering pearl necklaces. You can layer pearl bracelets and pearl rings as well. The true beauty of pearls is that they are powerful and timeless. Let’s discuss various ways to layer pearl necklaces, as well as other pearl jewelry.

Ways of Layering Pearl Necklaces

Boston Legal was a hit TV drama/comedy is the early 2000s. One of the main characters of the law firm series was Attorney Shirley Schmidt. She wore her stylish suits along with loads and loads of huge statement pieces and pearls.

Attorney Shirley Schmidt from Boston Legal Wearing Layered Pearl Necklace.
Attorney Shirley Schmidt from Boston Legal Wearing Layered Pearl Necklace. Image Source: IMDB

Today, this old trend is being revamped, giving it a fresh approach to wearing layers of pearls for a modern, elegant, ultra-feminine look.

Here are some simple tips for stacking pearl necklaces:

  • Mix up to three metal chains in gradual lengths with one pearl necklace that’s longer than the other chains. This gives you a refined look, great for casual days, the office, parties and dates. Wear this form of layering pearl necklaces with button-up shirts, crew necks, V necklines and turtle necks.
  • For a more street-smart look, layer a pearl choker with longer strands of pearls. This is a great way to accessorize when wearing jeans, shoulder-free dresses and tops.
  • You can also take a long pearl necklace, and wrap it a couple of times for a layered look. This allows you to create multiple styles, so you can wear this look with everything from your little black dress to your professional business attire.
  • Keep in mind that these gemstones come in various colors. Want a remarkable feminine look? Try adding just one pink strand of pearls, layered with multiple other white pearl necklaces.
  • If you’re a diamond loving gal, don’t fear. Layering pearl necklaces with a cubic zirconia or diamond brooch makes for a very stylish statement. This look is perfect for glamorous affairs. Use it to enhance the look of your evening gown at any formal event. You can attach the brooch to one rope of pearls or use it to connect multiple strands of pearls and other types of necklaces together for an incredibly fashionable mix.

How many layers of pearls should you wear at one time? Well, that depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re going for glamour and elegance, you may want to keep it down to maybe five. However, if the bolder, flashier look is what you prefer, the more pearls, metals, beads and other gemstones the better.

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How to Layer Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets represent femininity. They can be worn with elegant, casual and formal wear. There’s an art to the science of stacking bracelets. Here are some tips for layering pearl bracelets for any occasion:

  • Looking for a simple way to sport a layered pearl bracelet? A double strand bracelet made of pearls in the color you like best is the simplest route.
  • If a glamorous style is what you’re going for, get yourself a long strand of pearls. Then, use a brooch (preferably a pearl brooch) to tie the ends together.
  • Stack multiple white pearl bracelets together. Pair them with one multicolor or black pearl bracelet. This will help you achieve a laidback look that’s very feminine. This is an amazing style for casual outfits and summer looks.
  • Pair pearl bracelets with bangle bracelets or metallic. For a formal look, go with golden color pearls. Silver is much more versatile. It’s appropriate for everything from casual affairs to club meetings to working at the office. If you’re looking for something that pops and says “wow,” add crystal, cubic zirconia of diamond bangles in between the pearl bracelets. This is a great look for high-end and formal events.
  • Hoping to achieve a simpler, toned-down look? Layer as many pearl bracelets as you want. Then, in between the pearl layers, add a charm pearl bracelet for a classy style.

How to Layer Pearl Rings

Yes, you can layer your pearl rings too and achieve a look all your own. One of the most classic ways to do this is to layer a pearl engagement ring with a pearl wedding band. This style is awesome and timeless.

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There are other types of pearl rings that can be layered as well. You can layer them with other types of rings. This is a fashion trend that is quickly becoming a way of life for pearl lovers. Let’s discuss a few ways to layer pearl rings:

  • The best way to mix a thin pearl ring with various other types of rings is to place the pearl one at your finger’s base. And, make sure all the rings feature the same type of metal.
  • For a bolder look, stack various rings with a pearl cocktail statement ring. You can go with multiple large statement rings, if you like the bold look. However, it’s best to tone down your pearl statement ring with thin ring bands. This will give you more of a balanced look, that’s fit for a formal dinner party or a regular day at the office. Make sure the pearl cocktail ring is placed at your finger’s base.
  • Wearing layered pearl bracelets with stacked pearl rings may be a bit too much. Instead, pull your whole outfit together by wearing a pearl pendant or necklace, so your hands stand out, giving life to your layered pearl rings.

How to you like layering pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry? Are your pearl jewelry pieces strictly for special occasions, or do you wear them as everyday accessories? Are you into mixing things up by adding various other types necklaces, stones, beads and gemstones?

Let us know how you layer your pearls in the comments below.

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