Trying to Save the Planet? Wear Pearls!

Ok, so the above title might be a little too simple. Choosing to wear pearls will not, of course, save the planet. But just as the environmental concerns facing our society took years to develop, reversing our negative impact on the earth will also take time. But you can do your part to help improve our environment, one step at a time.

For any nature lover, the statistics related to ocean contamination can be quite depressing. Take just one problem – plastic. Plastic is an example of a major environmental issue impacting the world’s oceans, and humans have only themselves to blame. Plastics are filling our oceans, which is not surprising given that millions of plastic beverage bottles are used every few minutes, and that is just in the U.S. alone.

Plastic makes its way to our oceans, and the harmful chemicals are poisoning the waters and killing marine life. In addition, plastic kills animals and fish via suffocation and entanglement. If we can reduce our reliance upon plastics, we can start to reverse this unfortunate trend.

But what do pearls have to do with the environment? First, harvesting pearls does not impact the environment in a harmful way such as mining for other gemstones can do. Pearls come from living creatures, which are a sustainable resource when treated with care. And speaking of care, pearl farmers around the world have learned that happy water leads to happy mussels, which means happier, stronger, more plentiful pearls. Therefore, it is in the farmer’s interest to maintain a healthy marine environment. When the pearl industry flourishes, there is an economic interest in keeping our worldly waters healthy.

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Wearing pearls, alone, will not save the world. But it is one small step in the right direction.

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