Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men He’ll Actually Appreciate, Love & Use

MeUndies Matching Underwear for Valentine's Day
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Ladies, we’ve spent ages holding V-Day near and dear to our hearts as a romantic holiday created just for us. But, isn’t it high time for this age-old tradition to change? There are some awesome Valentine’s day gifts for men that will truly show him that you care. And, we’re here to share them with you.

2018 Valentine's Day Gifts for Men: Men's Pearl Necklace from The Pearl Source
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2018 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Men’s Pearl Necklace from The Pearl Source

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Looking for good ideas for your man’s Valentine’s Day gift this year? Well, we have answers for you that you can actually use. No more mushy V-Day gifts that leave him wondering if you know him at all. Use this gift ideas to help you buy him something he’ll love and actually use.

You can keep it simple and snatch up the latest video game he’s been longing for since it launched. Or, you can go with the usual shaving kit, barbeque set or boxer shorts with hearts all over the place. These are pretty cool gifts for the average guy. But, if yours isn’t average, check out these Valentine’s gifts for men instead:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Top 3 Smartwatches of 2018

If you want to buy the man in your life a mainstream tech gift, this is the gear of the year. Smartwatches are wearable wrist gear that does so much more than just tell time. Many major brands have jumped on the smartwatch gear bandwagon, including:

  • Fitbit
  • Apple
  • Fossil
  • Samsung
  • Garmin
  • Tag Heuer
  • LG
  • Huawei

Experts predict that more than 35 million smartwatches will be purchased by consumers in 2018. Therefore, this is a men’s jewelry trend you may as well jump on this Valentine’s Day.

There are so many smartwatches on the market these days, it’s hard to determine which is best for who and what. Here are our top three pics for smartwatches that make great Valentine’s Day gifts for men in 2018:

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1. Apple Watch Series 3

This little Apple wrist gadget has a built-in fitness tracker. The Apple Watch 3 is the brand’s very first cellular smartwatch. He can use it to make and receive calls on his Apple iPhone, send and receive text messages and read other phone notifications through the smartwatch device.

Apple Watch Series 3
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Apple Watch Series 3

If your guy is really into fitness, this GPS-enabled gadget is the way to go. It’s waterproof, making it great for sweating and swimming. And, because it’s worn on the wrist, he’s free to workout as hard and long as he likes.

2. Ticwatch E

Looking for an affordable smartwatch for him that’s priced under $200? Ticwatch E is a well-balanced Android Wear smartwatch that’s a good fit for any gadget-loving man. Users give this device credit for it’s Tic Health and Fit features, which are said to be much more user-friendly than its competitor Google Fit and Health.

Ticwatch E & S
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Ticwatch E & S. Image Source: Android Authority

He’ll enjoy using the Tic Health app to exercise more effectively while tracking his physical activities. It’s much like the Apple Watch for Android. For an upgrade for the fitness-loving king, try the Ticwatch S.

3. Fitbit Ionic

This brand is very proud of its very first smartwatch known as the Fitbit Ionic. Many consider this smartwatch to be one of the best fitness trackers on the market. It has algorithms that accurately track all kinds of workouts, from running to swimming, from weightlifting to biking.

Fitbit Ionic Series
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Fitbit Ionic Series. Image Source: CNBC

According to Fitbit, the Ionic smartwatch has the best GPS on the market. Its battery life lasts for more than four days, more than both of the smartwatches above, so he can work out even longer. And, since Fitbit is an icon in the digital fitness gear industry, this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men who love being active.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Top 3 Device Tracking Apps for 2018

Is the man in your life always losing his car keys or wallet? Well, there’s an app for that!

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Technology has solutions to help him keep up with valuable items like these. With these small devices, he can find his laptop or smartphone whenever they’re lost, simply by affixing them to his gadgets.

All he has to do is attach these handy smart devices to anything he wants to keep up with, including his wallet and car keys. Then, after registering the object using a mobile app via Bluetooth, he can track and find them by simply opening the app on any mobile or web browser.

1. Tile Device Tracking App for iOS

If he’s an Apple iOS type of guy, he’ll love the Tile app. The Tile device is simple to attach to just about anything, from keys to laptops, from wallets to tablets.

Tile Device Tracking App
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Tile Device Tracking App

How does it work? You attach the tracking device to your gadget. When needed, Tile will track its own location within 150 feet of the app’s device. Tile users’ apps talk with those of other users, so they can also help him find his things as well. When a Tile user walks past your lost gadget with the device attached, Tile automatically update’s the location for you.

It will show him the last location known for the device as a radar view or map view style, so you know how far you are from the gadget.

2. StickNFind Device Tracker for iOS & Android

This is said to be the smallest device location app of its kind, being about the size of a quarter. Use the adhesive side to attach StickNFind to his gadgets so he can locate them when needed. Attaching it in this manner makes it more discreet than those that simply dangle from the gadget.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men: He can use StickNFind to locate his keys, wallet, dog and more.
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: He can use StickNFind to locate his keys, wallet, dog and more. Image Source: Facebook

StickNFind features a light, so you can find it in the dark, and a buzzer so you can hear it when it’s hidden somewhere. The battery is replaceable, like that of smartwatches. And, he can locate any device within 100 feet of the app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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3. Chipolo Device Tracker for Android & iOS

The Chipolo tracker comes in a stylish design featuring a keyring-style attachment. He can attach this device finder to almost anything, including keys, laptop cases, even his favorite pet (via a keyring). Then, all he has to do is register the device using the Chipolo app.

Chipolo Card Finder
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Chipolo Card Finder. Image Source: Chipolo

After registration, he can them use the app on his iOS or Android device to find his lost gadget. He can emit noises so its easier to find the device. It also lets him know just how far the gadget is away from him. Track registered devices within 200 feet.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men: Matching Underwear

Some women love buying underwear as Valentine’s Day gifts for men. In some cases, it’s simply tradition and just feels right. Others include sexy underwear as gag gifts or additions to their actual V-Day gifts.

If you plan to buy him underwear for Valentine’s Day this year, don’t settle for those corny boxer shorts with hearts and cupids that he never seems to want to wear. Check out these men’s underwear buying tips instead:

Matching His & Hers Undies for Valentine’s Day

Sounds a bit corny, I know. But, what’s the fun in being a woman if you can’t infuse a little mushiness into your Valentine’s Day gift for him?

MeUndies Matching Underwear for Valentine's Day
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MeUndies Matching Underwear for Valentine’s Day. Image Source: Zurb

MeUndies Matching Underwear is a romantically cute Valentine’s Day gift for men that’s simply adorable. This will really get him dreaming about you in your undies, as he shows off his. Their matching pairs are limited editions. These MeUndies are stretchy and soft, so they’re actually comfortable on him.

NOTE TO MEN: If you like these top Valentine’s Day gifts for men, make sure she knows it. Give her hints like she does you. Strategically leave this webpage open daily as a V-Day gift idea hint for 2018.

Shop Men’s Pearl Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

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