Fashion Tips: Wearing Pearls on a Warm, Summer Evening

Sheer excitement is the feeling you get when planning a night out on the town on a warm, summer evening. You may be planning a patio dinner under the stars at your local bistro. Or, maybe you’ll be attending a formal star-studded affair. Either way, you’ll want to look amazing, and wearing pearls add that special touch to any look.

4 Ways to Wear Pearls on Warm, Summer Nights

Summer night affairs are the perfect for showing off your lustrous pearls. On warms nights, there are no jackets and sweaters. So, at least that won’t get in the way of comfort and style. Here’s your comprehensive guide to wearing pearls in the summer at night, no matter how formal or informal the occasion:

1. Wearing Pearls at Formal Events

Pearls have always been a classic choice for accessorizing an evening gown at a formal event. They’re the perfect touch for any formal occasion. Compliment your elegant, long dress with a strand of pearls or two on your neck and wrists.

Backless White Chiffon Mermaid Sleeveless Formal Party Dress Embedded with Pearls
Backless White Chiffon Mermaid Sleeveless Formal Party Dress Embedded with Pearls
Image Source: Luulla

But, who wants to look “classic” these days? Add some drama to your outfit with a gold and pearl jewelry ensemble for a little flare. More of a silver type of girl? You’ll find some amazing looking platinum or white gold and pearl jewelry to give you some added sparkle at night.

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Remember those exciting, enticing images of Marilyn Monroe wearing gloves with diamonds on her wrists? You can create that same wow-factor with a pair of formal black gloves, and some lustrous pearl bracelets!

And, if you’re a DIY type of girl, you can always add pearls to other accessories to create a look like no one else. Add pearls to your formal handbag, headpiece, shoes, even your throw or shawl. With a little creativity, you’ll be the pearl of the party.

2. Wearing Pearls to Semi-Formal Events

These occasions generally call for shorter, flirty style dresses. This gives you flexibility in what you wear, and the accessories you choose to enhance your look. For a classic look, go with a simple strand of white pearls. Some drop pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet or two with a little gold will give you a little flare.

Hot Short Mini Semi Formal Dress Party Gown with A Line Lace Beading and Pearls Embellishments
Hot Short Mini Semi Formal Dress Party Gown with A Line Lace Beading and Pearls Embellishments
Image Source: Ali Express

For a more dramatic look at a semi-formal event, add multi-layers of pearls in different lengths and colors. You can tie knots at the lower portion in the longer strands, or knot them to each other. Try a pair of dramatic earrings to bring attention to your gorgeous face and amazing makeup. And, don’t forget, diamonds and pearls go well together… Prince said it, so it’s so!

3. Wearing Pearls on Casual Nights Out

Summer and casual evenings out go hand-in-hand. There’s nothing like a relaxing evening with family and friends, enjoying the nighttime breeze. A little pearl jewelry will pop some glam into your comfy capris, cute summer dress or any other casual outfit.

Backless Pearl Sundress
Backless Pearl Sundress
Image Source: lulufrost/tumblr

This is the time to have fun with your accessories. Experiment with charms! They dangle with flare and make such awesome “charming” sounds on pearl bracelets. Add a little jingle to your jeans outfit. And, get a little funky with a multicolored pearl necklace and some pearl stardust earrings in trendy colors, like Millennial pink.

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4. Wearing Pearls Anytime, Anywhere

A pair of simple pearl studs are cool for your daytime look. But, when the night appears, it’s time for flare! You want a more melodramatic look, that stands out in the darkness. Long strands of lustrous pearls with added touches of gold and other gems do just that.

For casual outings on a warm, summer evening, you can go with single pearl drop earrings. If you want your ears to pop, chandelier earrings or dangling pearl clusters are good choices for both semi-formal and formal summer events.

You can create your own unique look with different pearl colors. Coordinate the colors with your outfit. Or, be daring and use multiple colors to stand out among the crow. Either way, you will make a long-lasting impression at any event you attend this summer.

Wearing Pearls: Chokers
Wearing Pearls: Chokers

How to Modernize Wearing Pearls

Pendants and pearls work really well together. As you know, the pendant becomes the focus of any necklace. But, when you add pendants to pearl necklaces, you create an eye-popping masterpiece fit for the queen… you!

Make sure the pendant itself either matches or compliments the color scheme of your summer outfit. You can match the pendant’s color to your attire. Or, you can create a more polished look by matching it to your shoes or handbag.

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