What Are Hanadama Pearls?

One of the things that you come to expect when purchasing jewelry is that the gems will inevitably be rated on some type of valuation system. Usually this system looks a lot like the one that we are graded on in school, with either an A-F or 1-10 system in place. Both of these types of systems are very easy to follow and reasonably intuitive, so where does a Hanadama graded pearl fit into this arrangement?

Hanadama pearls are an interesting pearl grade that is incredibly popular among people who are in the industry. To understand what a Hanadama graded pearl is, you first have to understand what it isn’t.

A Hanadama Pearl Necklace by The Pearl Source
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Hanadama Pearl Necklace

What Pearl Valuations Are Missing

Pearl valuations suffer from the same thing that all gem valuations suffer from: qualitative grading. Unfortunately, there is no set way to grade pearls, since the individual qualities that make up a pearl’s value are very subjective. This means that there is the chance that a pearl that had previously been graded as A could move up to AA depending on the jeweler grading it.

The Hanadama grade seeks to change all that. Hanadama pearl quality is graded on a series of strict qualifications by the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory, including:

  • A nacre thickness of 0.4mm or more
  • A ‘very strong’ luster (determined by a Teri Value analysis)
  • No more than a few small imperfections (determined by analysis by magnification)

While these criteria are not all encompassing, they are one of the best methods of determining the quality of a pearl on a consistent scale. Due to the amount of rigor in this analysis, the value of Hanadama pearls is far higher than other, similar quality pearls.

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If you are looking for the best quality Akoya pearl for your pearl necklace or pearl earrings, it pays to go with a Hanadama grade pearl. They will maintain their value well and look beautiful to match.

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