What Does Your Pearl Necklace Say about You?

Ever since fishermen found that some oysters contained an incredible surprise within, pearls have been in demand by people from all walks of life. Whenever you don a pearl necklace, you are consciously or unconsciously making a statement about whom you are. If you’ve ever wondered what your pearl necklace says about you, then you may be surprised by what you learn below.

The Classic Look

For those looking for a classic, throwback necklace, they need to look no further than the traditional white pearl. While not all natural pearls are white in color, a white pearl necklace is something that you will find in many traditional outfits throughout history. While it is most common type of pearl necklace that you will find, wearing traditional pearls will never go out of style. This type of necklace is a perfect investment, regardless of whether you’re looking to start your jewelry collection or are simply trying to achieve a classic look.

6.0-6.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace - AA+ Quality

Fifty Shades of Pink

Maybe you already have a white pearl necklace, or maybe you want something that’s a little bit different from the norm. If so, choosing a freshwater or South Sea pearl is a great option. These pearls are generally found with colors ranging from off-white to peach, and even a pink hue. This type of pearl necklace is best suited for wearing in warm, tropical climates where a white pearl necklace may seem out of place.

7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Matching Stud Earrings

The Exotic Look

If you are looking for something that will really make people around you sit up and take notice, then Tahitian pearls are a great choice. These naturally dark, cultured pearls don’t come in just one color. One of the defining characteristics is that they traditionally have body colors of silver, gray and even green, with overtones that can range from pink to a dark green or black. Wearing this type of pearl necklace is perfect for achieving that exotic look, and really setting yourself apart from the crowd.

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10-13mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace

Depending on which color of pearl you choose for your necklace, it will likely say something different about you. Regardless, wearing pearl jewelry is something that can be adapted to any occasion, and choosing a high quality source for your pearls will ensure that you get the best product to finish off any outfit.

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