What should I wear with my Pearl Ring?

A pearl ring is a piece of jewelry that every woman wants to own. Sometimes, however, we look at our jewelry and are stuck for ideas to what to wear with it. Usually we buy jewelry to accessorize an outfit, but occasionally we buy something which is so beautiful that we`re not sure what to wear with it. A beautiful pearl ring can sometimes be one of these pieces of jewelry.

Expensive Clothes

Pearls have a graceful and elegant look, so try to find clothes that suit it. Wear them with your best clothes as part of a special outfit and they will match perfectly. The silky texture of a pearl means that it contrasts beautifully with darker colors such as black, and this is why one of the common favorites is a little black dress.

Dress up Office Clothes

If you`re wearing relatively simple office clothes a pearl ring will work perfectly to give you a little femininity to your outfit. The blacks and grays of a lot of office attire works very well with almost all types of pearl.

Casual Dress

You can show off a simple pearl ring when you`re out with friends as part of a casual look. Make sure that it`s not too fussy and that the colors match though.

Other Jewelry

Pearls can draw a lot of attention to themselves, and if worn with a lot of other fussy jewelry can appear a little over the top. Avoid this by keeping other jewelry to the minimum and with what you are wearing, keep it as simple as you possibly can.

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A pearl ring is a very versatile piece of jewelry when you know how to wear it properly. It means that you don`t need to go out and buy a range of different jewelry and the one that you have will be perfect for whatever outfit that you choose.

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