When Is A Small Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Better?

One of the trends that you see at a lot of events, especially ones that are focused on business or networking, is the rise of large pearls. There are seemingly so many ways to wear large pearls, and many people prefer to buy larger and larger ones every year. That being said, many groups actually still prefer smaller pearls, and there are plenty of events where these pearls aren’t just a good choice, they’re actually preferable.


Smaller freshwater pearls, especially the smaller pearl bracelet, are often a great choice for weddings. You often see bridal jewelry come in a smaller size, which is usually due to the significantly higher quality of bridal pearls over many overly large, costume options. Aside from that, when you are a guest at a wedding, the last thing that you want to do is show up the bride by wearing larger or more showy jewelry than they are, so it’s actually better to tone down your look a bit.

Meeting new people

There are two types of events where you will traditionally meet new people, and they call for two different types of jewelry to be worn. Larger, more dominant pearls are a much better option when you’re trying to make a statement (one of the reasons that they are called ‘statement pieces’). Smaller pearls, like you would see on a freshwater pearl bracelet, are a much better option when you need an accessory to dress up your look, but when you don’t want to make too much of a splash. A smaller freshwater pearl bracelet would look perfect at a more informal event, or when you don’t want to come off as making a statement with your jewelry items.

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Do you have a preference for when you wear pearls? How do you wear them when you really want to make a statement? Check out our collection of smaller freshwater pearl bracelets and you will find a beautiful accessory option that works well in a variety of situations, not just one or two

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