The Best Pearl Jewelry with Akoya Pearls

Pearls are considered perfect or near perfect when they are as close to round as possible. Akoya pearls have become the top-selling variety of pearls around the world because they are the most consistently round and near-round variety that can be found on the market. This consistency makes this pearl type ideal for matching multi-pearl jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet.

When you purchase an Akoya pearl necklace, it is desirable for all of the pearls on the line to bear the same shape and color; this offers consistency as well as elegance. If you do not choose Akoya and instead opt for a different kind of pearl, you may see some variations not only in size but in the shape of the pearl as well. The effect can still be stunning, but it won’t have the same overall value.

The Akoya oyster is found predominantly in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. It is the smallest oyster capable of producing pearls that is used in the pearl culture in today’s market. The pearls that are produced from the oyster are likewise small, usually ranging between two and 11 millimeters.

Akoya pearls are often regarded as the “perfect” pearls for jewelry not only because of their shape but because of the colors they are capable of producing. Many are white or cream-colored, and some also feature overtones of rose or silver, granting jewelers the capability of offering many different colors of pearl jewelry so that you, the consumer, have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Jewelers from all over the world, including The Pearl Source, use Akoya Pearls because they feature a brilliant luster as well as a rich color. They have been seen as the symbol for beauty and elegance since they were first discovered. Now, when you are looking to own pearl jewelry or buy as a gift, you want to enjoy the same beauty and elegance, which is why you should consider these pearls.

The jewelry that is can be crafted from these pearls can vary dramatically. The various colors offer variety, so it’s possible to own not just one pearl necklace but three or four, all with a different hue. There are also bracelets, earrings and rings that can adeptly showcase the subtle tones and aesthetic grace of the Akoya. When you choose this type of pearl, you are opting for the roundest, most brilliant pearl that you can find in the marketplace.

It’s important to always know your options. While there are other types of pearls in the marketplace, the Akoya continues to be the number-one seller because it is consistently the most vibrant of all of the pearls. This is important to have in jewelry, especially because it is the pearl that is the star of the show in every piece, even when diamonds or cubic zirconia is used to offset the piece.

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