Engagement Moons: The Hot New Engagement Trend for 2018?

Couple on Vacation

Every year we have new trends when it comes to weddings. This year is not an exception. And as we enter the spring and summer wedding seasons, brides and grooms are looking for ways to make their unions for special and unique. So, thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for bringing to light a unique engagement trend for 2018: Engagement Moons

Hot Engagement Trends of 2018

The wedding season of this year is just ramping up. We have seen a lot of new trends already that are appealing. Couples are opting for live streaming their weddings just to ensure that everyone who couldn’t make it to the affair feels they are actually part of it.

The reception sessions are more of the casual approach these days. We have seen couples being served their local cuisines by their favorite restaurants.

However, this brings a lot of pressure to the wedding planners and the couples. One of the trends that keep the couples away from stress is the trend of Engagement Moons. This trend also strengthens the couple’s connection and love.

Engagement Moons
Image Source: Wedding Pro News

What Is an Engagement Moon?

As a couple, this is the opportunity for you to get away and celebrate your engagement as if you’re on a pre-honeymoon trip. This is a stress-free to leave the couple with no decisions to make after becoming engaged.

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The owner of The Refined Host, Daulton Van Kuren, has helped a lot of couples plan their weddings. She sees Engagement Moons as the first approach to any wedding that is to happen soon.

Social Media Engagement Annoucements

According to her, the first thing after a successful engagement is couples posting their pictures all over social media. Of course, this is to inform friends, families and other loved ones that they are officially engaged.

The reaction as expected is always an influx of comments, texts messages and calls to congratulate the couple. She advises that the best option for the couple is to get out of town. This is because all this might become overwhelming and get out of hand before the wedding planning even begins.

Benefits of the Engagement Moon Trend

Van Kuren explains that by getting away, the couple will have a piece of mind as they celebrate the special moment together. This will avoid the external pressure from their loved ones who will constantly ask questions and expect answers.

Couple on Vacation
Image Source: Atlantica Press

Over the years, couples have commonly celebrated their engagements with parties. This included friends and family. Megan Velez from DestinationWeddings.com believes that at the end of the day, the marriage is all about the couple. Well, this statement carries the truth though.

Wedding expert Megan Velez suggests that a couple should head off to a pre-wedding vacation. This will give the couple an opportunity to celebrate their soon to be marriage without outside noise.

Even though many couples first think about throwing an engagement party, many others are jetting off to celebrate the big moment with Engagement Moons.

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Engagement Moons Give Engaged Couples Private Quality Time Together

These getaways helps keep the couples’ budget in check by avoiding costs they would have spent in an expensive engagement party. The couples also get to enjoy some one-on-one time during their celebration.

Engaged couples are opting-in for the Engagement Moons because quality time is spent on planning the wedding together, instead of the bride doing everything alone. They will be able to do research and find out on what to expect throughout their wedding planning process.

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Engagement Moon Event for Couples in Quebec

Honeymoon Couple in Quebec
Image Source: Canadian Train Vacations

This year in July, Manoir Hovey, a chateaux in the Eastern Township of Quebec, will be hosting their first Engagement Moon affair. This will give the couples opportunities to unwind and rekindle their relationships. They will also be given several great tips on how to plan your wedding.

Engagement-Moons will definitely carry the day and be as popular as Babymoons this 2018 wedding season. Julia Brouillard, the resort’s event coordinator, is ready to support couples with their Engagement Moons venues.

The resort’s package will include two nights’ lodging, a range of meals at their restaurants, outdoor activities and many more. Also, there would be wedding-related workshops handled by wedding professionals.

The Engagement Moon getaway will simply help an engaged couple create a beautiful and romantic start in life. This is a great chance to actually slow down, unplug and rejoice your long-life commitment to one another as a couple.

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