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So, you’re interested in writing for the Pearls of Wisdom? Well, we’d love to have you as one of featured guest bloggers for The Pearl Source!

We are actively seeking guest bloggers to post content on our blog. The content must bring value to the lives of our blog visitors.

All content submitted to and published by us becomes the property of The Pearl Source. You may not republish any content published on our website, blog or by us anywhere else online or offline.

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Ideal Topic Ideas for The Pearl Source Blog

Our blog is about much more than just pearls and pearl jewelry. We also feature pieces related to fashion, trends, lifestyle, and celebrities. Of course, if you can merge pearls and pearl jewelry into your content, that’s even better!

Here are some of the topics our audience loves on The Pearl Source Blog:

  • Jewelry gift ideas
  • Celebrities wearing pearls
  • Celebrity fashion trends
  • Millennials fashions and lifestyles
  • Fashion accessories and trends
  • Beauty and skincare tips
  • Wedding planning tips and trends
  • Wedding fashion and jewelry trends and tips
  • Special occasions and party planning tips
  • Cultural events where someone wore pearls
  • Pearl parties (at-home and Facebook)
  • Cosmetic surgery stories (good, bad and ugly)
  • Fashion reports on who wore what to the Emmys, Grammys and other award shows
  • Real stories about real people who wear/wore pearls

Currently, we do not pay monetarily to guest bloggers on The Pearl Source. We do, however, allow you to include backlinks to your website and/or blog. And, with the amount of traffic we get to our blog, that’s of great value for you.

Guest Bloggers Content Guidelines

  1. Your content must be original and you must own the rights to it
  2. Provide sources for all content that states facts and statistics
  3. Be authentic and honest so your personality shines through in your writing
  4. It’s okay to be clever, but never sarcastic or disrespectful
  5. Headlines should be interesting and catchy, but not salesy
  6. Do not include affiliate links or links to adult, gambling or link building websites
  7. Blog posts should be between 800-1,200 words long
  8. You must link to at least TWO different web pages on our website or blog within your content
  9. All links must be inserted as anchor text, not URLs
  10. All content submitted to us that we choose to publish becomes our property and may not be republished anywhere

Guest Bloggers Writing Style Guidelines

  • Write your content using the “second person point of view,” using “you” to write directly to our audience.
  • Please write SHORT paragraphs and SHORT sentences
  • Use numbered lists and bullet points instead of writing long sentences to list people, places, and things
  • Your content should include H2/H3 subheading (preferably H2… then, H3 when necessary to further divide a section)
  • Only add ONE space in between sentences.
  • Do not add extra lines in between paragraphs.
  • Do not indent sentences.
  • Do no use the Oxford comma in your sentences

Will you edit my content before publishing it?

Yes, our managing editor, Kiesha Joseph, will edit your post for clarity and SEO purposes. She understands the time it takes for guest bloggers to write awesome, unique content. Kiesha will do her absolute best to preserve your style and voice.

Do I need to submit a headshot?

No, our system pulls its headshots from Gravatar. So, you need to make sure you have the following accounts, and ensure they are up-to-date:

  • WordPress.com – Provides you with a bio that’s used across all blogs powered by WordPress
  • Gravatar.com – Connects your WordPress.com bio to a profile image that’s used across WordPress-powered blogs

Note: If you don’t have both of these accounts set up, we will have to use a default image and bio for you. And, we don’t like defaults. So, please make sure your accounts are ready to go before submitting your doc.

What should I do after my guest blog post is published?

If we choose to publish your post, we will email you within one week with estimated publication date and link to post for your review. We will notify you when we publish the post.

Once the post is published, please Like & Share it. And, please respond to any and all comments from our readers. This will help your post go viral, improving the value of your backlinks and chances of getting click-throughs to your site. That’s well worth becoming one of our guest bloggers.

Tips for Getting Approved

Make sure your idea is awesome. It should be related to you or your brand’s own area of expertise. Your content should be something you yourself would enjoy reading.

To ensure that your content meets the needs of our blog visitors, please try to follow one or more of the following guidelines:

  • Use your expertise to write about a recent trend or news event that would interest our audience
  • Offer a solution to a common problem or concern our audience members may share
  • Share a personal experience you’ve gone through that is likely to interest our audience members

Submitting Your Post for Publication

If you’d prefer to pitch your idea for a guest blog post before writing it, that works for us.

Click Here to Pitch Your Topic

To All Guest Bloggers – When submitting your post, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Title should be inviting and relevant to our niche
  • Submit your content as a MS Word doc only
  • Source legal claims, statistics, facts, etc…
  • Source images, including source link
  • Must be at least 600 words
  • No affiliate links or links to sites related to adult content, alcohol, tobacco, hate for a particular group, etc..

Have a fully-drafted piece you’d like us to take a look at? We’d be more than happy to review your content and share our thoughts with you.

We will review your content as soon as possible. Expect to hear back from us within a week. You just may be accepted as one of our guest bloggers.

Pitch Us a Topic

Submit Already Written Draft for Review

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