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Golden South Sea Pearl
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Golden South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Cultivated in the Philippines, Golden South Sea Pearls are in a class all their own. Their breathtaking hues range from light champagne to deep gold, the deeper the gold color the more highly they are valued. Whether you are looking for a ravishing golden pearl strand, a classic pair of studs, a beautiful bracelet or an eye catching ring, we have it all! With over 500 pieces of Golden South Sea Pearl Jewelry, we have something for everyone.

Of all pearl varieties, Golden Pearls are the rarest and the most precious. We import thousands of Golden Pearls per month and because of that we are able to offer the largest selection and finest quality Golden South Sea Pearls at the best prices. Best of all, almost every piece of Golden Pearl jewelry can be customized to suit your liking, from gold color and necklace length to pearl color and ring size. Our goal, here at The Pearl Source is, not only to meet our customers’ expectations but to exceed them at every opportunity.

If we can help you with your selection in any way, please call one of our pearl specialists.


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