Pearl Earrings – What Size Pearl should I Wear?

There can be so many things to think about when you`re buying a new pair of pearl earrings. Once you`ve chosen the style of earring and pearl color, you then have to choose the size of pearl. So for the sake of a couple of millimeters, what really is the difference that the pearl size will make?

It goes without saying that in general a larger pair of pearl earrings will make more of a statement than a smaller pair. There are a few other things that you may also want to think about.

Size of your Features – You might want to think about the size of your features. If you have a particularly delicate looking face, for example, smaller pearls probably will work better. Likewise, if your features are larger, try to get pearls which compliment this. Think about the size of your ear lobes to see if the pearl would get lost, or overwhelm.

Age – Partly due to the size of the head and features, but also due to aesthetic reasons, those who are younger should try to stick to smaller pearls. Larger pearls tend to work better on more mature people.

Occasion – A pair of 7-8mm earrings are the quintessentially classic pearl size. They are big enough to make a statement but small enough not to take over the whole outfit. This size is typically given as wedding presents or other gifts and will suit most women.

Attention – If you are looking to attract attention to yourself, go for some larger pearls. These make a statement whenever they walk into the room, so if you`re not looking to be the star of the show, opt for a smaller size.

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What size pearl earrings you buy does make an overall difference in the statement that you are making to the world, so make the decision wisely, use these tips but remember to pay attention to your personal style as well.

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