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Stunning pearls from the South Sea are considered the rarest and most beautiful pearls on the globe. Their shimmering colors range from shades of deep black to brilliant white and even a warm golden shade. Search through our online collection to find unique and lovely pearls for any occasion.

Our South Sea loose pearls are used primarily as the centerpiece of jewelry. The size of the pearls and their exceptional appearance enables them to work well as a single accent in jewelry. They are often used for a single pendant, chandelier earrings, stud earrings and even the focal point of a ring.

Tahitian South Sea loose pearls are considered particularly impactful due to their range of coloration. The oyster Pinctada Margaritifera is especially known for only creating one pearl at a time. The Tahitian South Sea loose pearls range from a rich bronze to shimmering peacock. Their unique coloration combined with a size range from 9mm to 14mm makes them ideal as the centerpiece to any jewelry piece.

White South Sea loose pearls are prized for their creamy white luster and size. The Pinctada maxima oyster is considered the largest oyster and produces impressive pearls. The White South Sea loose pearls have a brilliant white, although there are variations of white, silver and pink.

Golden South Sea loose pearls are renowned for the warmth of their color and rich luster. They are also from the Pinctada maxima oyster in the South Seas, an area known to produce high-quality pearls. The Golden South Sea loose pearls have a range of color within the golden spectrum and are easy to match in sets.

At The Pearl Source, we offer customers only the highest-quality pearls for use in jewelry. Choose loose pearls with holes if you would like to make them into a set of stud earrings or a pendant. Loose pearls without holes work well as the centerpiece to a ring or cradled within a metal pendant.

As one of the largest direct importers of South Sea pearls, we offer significant discounts on our loose pearl collections. Whether you are searching for a Tahitian, White or Golden South Sea pearls, we offer pearls that are equally splendid and affordable.