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Mother Of Pearl

Mother Of Pearl Jewelry

The mesmerizing beauty of the ocean and its enigmatic underwater treasures is perfectly captured in our exclusive collection of Mother of Pearl Jewelry. From peacock-hued shimmer to ivory nacre luster, our selection of earrings, rings, pendants and more features minimalistic lines, streamlined geometry, as well as timelessly elegant designs. Discover our iridescent collection of Mother of Pearl Jewelry, including classic and modern handmade jewelry pieces for the widest range of occasions in your life.

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White Freshwater Pearl & Mother of Pearl Flower Magnolia Earrings

The Unique Charm of Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Iridescent, unique, and reminiscent of the mystique of the oceans, Mother of Pearl carries the same beauty as the gems of the sea. Abundant in nature, Mother of Pearl (also called nacre) is an organic gemstone, found in the inner surface of a shell.

Our collection of Mother of Pearl Jewelry features dangle earrings, studs, pendant and rings in both white and dark varieties of Mother of Pearl. Opt for shimmer from every angle with our designs that pair Mother of Pearl with Freshwater Pearls or decide on an extra note of glam with our Zirconia-enriched gemstone pearl jewelry pieces.

Due to its shimmering iridescence, Mother of Pearl pairs exceptionally well with any metal color. Our selection of Mother of Pearl Jewelry is made with high-quality 925 sterling silver, making it an ideal versatile choice for the widest range of occasions.

Mother of Pearl IRRIDESCENCE

Similar to pearls, Mother of Pearl possesses unique iridescence, complete with an ultra-smooth, silk-like finish. The shimmering color combination specific to Mother of Pearl is called Orient, which is responsible for endless luster and iridescence in any light and from every angle.

Mother of Pearl COLORS

Mother of Pearl comes in a variety of shades, with the most common being white, ivory, silver, purple, peach, peacock (blue-green), and copper (red-hued).

Mother of Pearl QUALITIES

Besides its apparent beauty, color, and shine, nacre is also a highly durable organic material. Resilient and strong, Mother of Pearl Jewelry is an ideal choice if you are looking for pieces to wear and cherish a lifetime.