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June Birthstones – The Pearl Source Comprehensive Guide to Shopping for Birthstone Jewelry

Why choosing pearl jewelry with a June birthstone makes the perfect gift for yourself or loved one

June’s birthstones of Pearl and Alexandrite are a jewelry box favorite all over the world. Elegant and radiant in their unmistakable translucence, they are among the most highly treasured of gemstones for their rich color, a deep meaning, and timeless wearability. Commonly believed to be symbolic of purity, loyalty, and an eternal bond, sometimes only gemstones make the perfect gift for your special loved one.

Where did the idea of modern birthstones first originate and what is their history?

The traditional birthstone is said to have roots in ancient times, as far back as when the bible was written. In the book of Exodus, Moses gave directions for his older brother Aaron’s breastplate to be adorned with twelve gemstones symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel. A first-century historian, Titus Flavius Josephus, was then said to have made the first connection between these precious gemstones and the zodiac signs. Historically people had one of each and alternated wear of each stone, but more recently the custom is to just wear that which symbolizes the month in which you were born.

Who decides which gem correlates with each month of the year?

This is a much-debated topic, and you may find the answers differ depending on the source. One of the most authoritative sources is considered to be The American National Jewelers Association who is said to have created the first ‘official’ list. They list the three birthstones of June as pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite, the latter of which was added to the list in 1952. This gives people with June birthdays plenty of styles to choose from! You can read more about the history of birthstones and which correlates to each month in our June birthstones 101 guide.

How to stylishly wear the June birthstone pearl whatever the occasion

A truly modern birthstone, cultured pearls look timeless worn day or night. Wear your favorite gemstone in a pair of classic cultured pearl studs, pearl dangle earrings, or as an elegant one-strand necklace to exude feminine energy reminiscent of incandescent light. Alternatively, pearl birthstones look stunning worn as dangly earrings or set in a pearl ring, pendant, or bracelet.

Reasons a traditional birthstone is the fine jewelry piece your collection has been missing

There is nothing like receiving an extremely rare or beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry for your wedding or graduation. Pearl necklaces in particular are an exquisite way to mark a milestone moment or memory, while month-specific birthstones such as October Birthstones, November birthstones, or December birthstones are a wonderful way to honor an important birthday.

How to customize your June Birthstone jewelry to suit your unique tastes and personality

As traditional stones are available in a wide variety of different shapes, as well as in many colors – from cream to bluish green – creating the perfect fine jewelry piece for yourself or putting together a great gift has never been easier. Simply choose your clasp of choice and desired length when shopping for necklaces and bracelets and select your desired backing closure when purchasing earrings. Select the desired finish from our range of options, as well as the quality, size, and overtone of the cultured pearls when available.

The most interesting facts about birthstones for June and how to decide which is best for your collection

Did you know that June is only one of two months to have three birthstones? A natural pearl is considered the month’s primary birthstone, while moonstone and alexandrite are more complementary options. If deciding between the three gemstones, consider which is most aligned with your personal style. You may find that one stone, in particular, speaks to you on an emotional level, in which case you should go with your heart and the type you are most drawn to. We believe that each has a unique character, with an equally rich history and meaningful symbolism.