Black Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Known as the Queen of Pearls and the Pearl of Queens, Tahitian pearls are among the most exotic pearl varieties available. They are renowned the world over for their unique beauty, gorgeous colors, luster and elegance. Available in a wide variety of hues including silver, dark grey, deep blues and magnificent greens, you are sure to find the exact pearl color to match your style.

A gorgeous graduated pearl strand, a classic pair of stud earrings, a unique Tahitian pearl ring. Whatever piece of Tahitian pearl jewelry you choose, you can be sure that it will be a welcomed addition to your wardrobe. Customer satisfaction is our goal so we make our Tahitian jewelry pieces as customizable as can be. Choose your clasp color, necklace length, gold color or pearl color to create a piece that is uniquely you. In addition to being gorgeous in appearance Tahitian pearls are extremely versatile. Tahitian pearls can be used to make a formal gown even that more stunning or add a little glam to your daily wardrobe. Generally speaking, the more perfectly round the pearl, the higher the value. However, pearls are also offered in a 'Baroque' shape which many love for the special flare they can add to a piece of jewelry. Whatever you're style, we are sure to have beautiful pieces that you will fall in love with.

We know all the options can get a little overwhelming so please feel free to call one of our pearl experts to help you pick out the perfect piece for you!