Pearl Necklaces – Grandeur De-Mystified

So what makes pearls in general and pearl necklaces in particular so attractive? Is it because of their large size, their body color, overtones or simply because of their mirror-sharp luster? Whatever the reason they are mystical and enchanting, which makes them a prized possession? Cultured pearls are measured in millimeters, while the natural pearls in carats.

Nothing can come close to them in terms of class. They are in a league of their own; stylish, regal and affordable. Available in many designs and configurations such as collar, choker, princess and matinee they are one of the most important pieces of a woman’s jewelry collection.

Freshwater pearl necklace are probably the most popular because of their affordability and the range of colors. They can be easily dyed or beamed, thereby making them available in different hues and tones.

Tahitian pearl necklace on the other hand have an unparalleled visual aspect, especially its color, which clearly differentiates them from other varieties. The color “black” is synonymous with Tahitian pearls. Apart from this legendary and antiquity shade there are other body colors which are available, such as green, silver, purple, blue and yellow.

The most exquisite are necklaces made from golden south sea pearls. They are the rare types cultured in the Philippines. These aureate orphic gems are appreciated for their extraordinary color depth. They are usually small in size. Golden pearls look fabulous on dark skin type and are most suitable for evening attires.

Akoya pearl necklaces have mirror-sharp luster which is attributed to their formation in the cold waters off the coast of Japan. They are found in perfect round shapes with great sparkling quality.

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Worldwide, the oysters and different types of water qualities have had a great impact on the coloration of the pearls. The white and black are the two extremes of these beautiful gems. Pink, lilac, black and golden are some of the rare colors. Irrespective of their hues, all pearls have high luster factor.

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