The Perfect Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are traditional and stylish and can be worn by women of all ages and style preferences. When looking for the perfect pearl necklace it can be insanely overwhelming. So many lengths, colors, prices, styles and sizes; the options are endless and it’s just hard to know where to start.

After determining a price bracket, decide on color and shape. If you are looking for pinkish tones, Freshwater pearls are the place to look. If you are looking for classic white, Akoya pearls are your best bet unless your budget is significantly low, then you can also find a lovely white Freshwater pearl necklace. If edgier colors like black, bronze, silver or green and blues work best for your palette, then look no further than Tahitian pearls. Golden South sea pearls are like drops of sunshine and are perfect for a glimmering golden pearl necklace. While gold may not go with all outfits, a golden pearl necklace will guarantee attention and head turns from everyone you meet. Shapes include round and baroque and both are beautiful in their own way. This is a personal preference everyone needs to consider, if you are into classic looks or being a little different and out of the box.Once color and size is decided, it is time to determine the length. Each length has its advantages and it is wise to decide how often you will be wearing your necklace and to what events or occurrences; will it be  for everyday wear or just special occasions?

For dinner and cocktail parties, a lengthy rope necklace is glamorous and can be double or triples over. For everyday wear a chocker may be a bit much but a princess length is the most common length purchased and can be worn casually as well as in fancier circumstances.  Here are the most common styles and lengths to help you make the perfect choice.

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The Pearl Collar is 12-13 inches where rests nicely on your collarbone, like its name indicates.  Looks great with strapless dresses or casual v necks.

The Pearl Choker is 14 – 16 inches long is tremendously fashionable and popular as it looks grand with every neckline. This single strand of a perfect length works with fancy evening gowns and informal work wear.

The Princess Necklace is around 17 -19 inches long and hits just beneath the collarbone and is good for plunging or particularly low necklines, as well as very high necklines. The Princess necklace can be worn during both the daytime and evening and live up to its name of making any wearer feel like a princess.

The Opera Necklace is 26- 36 inches long and can be worn as a single long strand or doubled over to a two strand choker style. This length hits mid bust and is popular due to its versatility.

The Pearl Rope Necklace is any length 37 inches or longer and gives you the most flexibility in a pearl necklace. The Pearl Rope can be knotted at the neckline or in the middle of the strand or be worn as a double strand or a triple strand necklace. The Pearl Rope can also be slung over the shoulder in a knotted style or arranged to highlight the magnificence of a backless dress. A Pearl Rope can be personalized to hold numerous clasps to allow it to broken up for different necklace lengths and bracelet arrangements.

A Bib necklace is when one necklace holds pearl strands of many differing lengths that’s sits like a bib on your chest. More modern than classic this is becoming more and more chic as fashionistas play around with different pearl styles.

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Now you are equipped for choosing the perfect pearl necklace that you can enjoy adding to your jewelry collection nd wearing whenever you feel like it.  When wearing pearls, make sure to apply hairspray, deodorant and makeup before you put on your pearls, as chemicals may harm the pearl and its luster. It’s wise to not wear perfume on your neck if wearing a pearl necklace, or on your wrists if wearing a bracelet.

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