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Golden South Sea Drop Pearl Dangling Tincup Earrings - Model Image
Golden South Sea Drop Pearl Dangling Tincup Earrings
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The pearls look very nice, but the picture in the web page looks like a striking golden color. The ones received are white with a hit of a golden hue, not the item pictured.


I have bought these tin cup earrings and golden south sea pearls ring, amazing quality. They are very neatly crafted.


The pendant pearl is pretty but the necklace clasp is too small to use easily. The gold pearls are pretty but one of the drop pearls was unattached from the wire when it arrived. The white hold drop pearl earrings are very nice!

Product Description

Simplicity and elegance have never made such a perfect combination. A beautiful pair of Golden South Sea drop-shape pearls on elegant 14K yellow gold chain. The pearl earrings have 'High' grade luster, our highest category available. These trendy earrings are a must have for any jewelry collection.

Product Information
The Philippines
Gold- 14K Yellow Gold
Very Thick
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