Tahitian South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Tahitian Pearls are known as the "Queen of Pearls" and the "Pearl of Queens". Tahitian pearls are actually cultivated in French Polynesian waters throughout various islands throughout the South Pacific Ocean. The mysterious color of the Tahitian pearl is what really gives it a mysterious aura. There have been centuries of stories, rumors, and tales that are associated with these gorgeous pearls.

The most common sizes of Tahitian pearls are between 8mm to 14mm; however, it is very rare to find larger sizes. This is not the case at The Pearl Source. The Pearl Source has all sizes available in Tahitian jewelry, with pieces that actually exhibit 15 and 16mm pearls. The Pearl Source offers a wide variety of Tahitian pearl jewelry, ranging from pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl rings, and even pearl bracelets. The Pearl Source offers almost all sizes of pearls in each of these four categories. There are nearly 1000 different types of Tahitian pearl jewelry pieces that will fit anyone's taste or type. The amount of variety offered at The Pearl Source will blow any of the leading competitors out of the water. The Pearl source also has the ability to customize your Tahitian pearl piece with whatever color, shape, etc., you desire.

The Pearl Source is head and shoulders above all of its competitors when it comes to quality. We uphold to the highest standard and any visitor can check out our feedback testimonials of over 1000 real customers who have left feedback on our pearls. We offer either AAA grade pearls or AAAA grade Tahitian pearls. Each pearl is hand picked by our pearl experts and each item is hand-made by our GIA pearl experts. Every item you purchase at The Pearl Source will have a guarantee that it was made under strict supervision. When it comes to the variety of items, the sizes of the pearls, or the strict grading policy, The Pearl Source is the place to purchase your next Tahitian pearl item.