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The Many Options in Freshwater Pearl Sizes

If you are looking for large pearls, freshwater pearls will likely not be at the top of your list. This is because these pearls are typically smaller than other pearls. Popular freshwater pearls sizes range from 7.0 to 8.0 millimetres. However, sizes can range from 4.0 millimetres to 12.0 millimetres.

What is the average size of a pearl?

The average size of a pearl is 7 millimeters. Freshwater pearl sizes found on the market range from 6.0-7.0mm up to 10.0-11.0mm. By comparison, black Tahitian varieties are naturally larger, ranging from 8.0-9.0mm up to 15.0-16.0mm and even more.

Are Freshwater Pearls worth anything?

Freshwater pearls range in value based on their size, shape, luster and color. In general, Freshwater Pearls are less expensive than Akoya Pearls, while their look is similar. You can find Freshwater Pearl necklaces on the market starting from 100$ up to $2000 or more.

How do you measure pearl size?

A loose pearl’s diameter is measured in millimeters. For pearls found in strands, their size is measured perpendicularly to the drill holes and rounded to the nearest 0.5mm. For pearls that measure less than 10mm, the result is rounded to the nearest 0.25mm.

Different Pearl Sizes Used in Jewelry

Since freshwater pearls can occur in a variety of sizes, there is also a variety of sizes in freshwater pearl necklaces. The size of the pearl you wear in your jewelry is a personal preference, but there are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect freshwater pearl necklace.

In general, pearl necklaces are grouped based on the size of their individual pearls. Use these guidelines to choose your match:

6.0-7.0: Smaller pearls are perfect for those with petite frames, or who appreciate a minimalist appearance.

7.0-8.0: This is the most popular of pearl sizes. It provides a subtle, yet substantial look.

9.0-10.0: These pearls are about the size of an eraser head, and are perfect for young adults and older teens.

Larger than 10 millimeters: It is actually quite rare to find a freshwater pearl in this size. If you do, it will most likely not be round enough to wear in a necklace.

How Size Affects Value

Although size does not impact the quality of a pearl, it can significantly affect its value. In general, a larger pearl worth more than a smaller pearl, and freshwater pearls are no exception. However, it is important to remember that pearl size is only one of many characteristics that are considered when evaluating the value of one of these gems of the sea.

Watch our video on pearl sizes for more information:


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