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South Sea Pearls Buying Guide

Embark on a journey through the grandeur of South Sea pearls, the largest and most luminous pearls in existence. Explore our store to behold the unparalleled elegance of these luxurious pearls.

1. Amazing South Sea Pearls Colors

South Sea pearls are renowned for their radiant colors, ranging from white and silver to deep gold. These colors are natural and not a result of any artificial treatments. The color of a South Sea pearl is determined by the oyster it comes from and its environment. The gold-lipped oyster, for instance, produces gold pearls, while the silver-lipped oyster yields white pearls. The depth and richness of a pearl’s color can significantly influence its value. Read more

2. Explaining South Sea Pearls Luster

The luster of a pearl refers to its shine and reflective quality. South Sea pearls are particularly celebrated for their deep and radiant luster, which is a result of the thick layers of nacre that form around the nucleus. This luster gives the pearls a unique glow and depth, making them highly sought after in the jewelry market. Factors like the health of the oyster, water conditions, and farming techniques can influence the luster of South Sea pearls. Read more

3. Grading South Sea Pearls Shape

The shape of a pearl is a crucial factor in determining its value. While round pearls are the most popular and valuable, South Sea pearls can come in various shapes, including oval, teardrop, and baroque. The unique shapes of these pearls can be attributed to the conditions inside the oyster during the pearl’s formation. Read more

4. Judging South Sea Pearls Surface

The surface quality of a pearl plays a significant role in its overall value. While no pearl is entirely flawless, those with minimal blemishes and imperfections are deemed more valuable. South Sea pearls, due to their larger size and longer growth period, might exhibit more surface imperfections. However, minor blemishes do not detract from the pearl’s natural beauty and can even add character to it. Read more

5. The Remarkable South Sea Pearl Sizes

South Sea pearls are the largest cultured pearls in the world, with sizes ranging from 10mm to 20mm. Their size is attributed to the large silver-lipped oyster, which nurtures the pearl for 2-4 years, allowing for a significant buildup of nacre. This results in larger, more lustrous pearls that are highly valued in the market. Read more

6. South Sea Cultured Pearls: Beauty On its Own

South Sea cultured pearls are known for their thick nacre coating, making them strong, durable, and unique. Unlike other pearls that require extensive processing, South Sea pearls need minimal treatment to showcase their natural beauty. These pearls are cultivated for up to 2-3 years, resulting in larger and more lustrous pearls. Read more

7. How Does South Sea Pearl Farming Work?

South Sea pearl farming is a meticulous process that involves cultivating pearls in white-lipped oysters from the South Seas. These pearls are nurtured for 2-3 years, resulting in larger and more lustrous pearls. The farming process is expensive and requires skilled divers to collect the oysters from depths of 10-80 meters. Read more

8. South Sea Pearl Harvesting: A Tedious Process

Harvesting South Sea pearls is a lengthy process, with the pearls taking 2-3 years to develop. The pearls are harvested during the winter months of the southern hemisphere when they exhibit the most vibrant colors and luster. The harvesting process involves carefully prying open the oysters and extracting the pearls without causing harm. Read more

9. South Sea Pearl Value Depends on Size and Luster

The value of South Sea pearls is primarily determined by their size and luster. These pearls are larger and have a more radiant luster due to their thick nacre layers. Other factors influencing their value include shape, color, and surface quality. South Sea pearls are among the most expensive pearls in the market due to their rarity and unique qualities. Read more

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