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Very few special occasions provide you with the opportunity to honor a specific person like a birthday. This year, why not throw traditional to the wind? Shower your loved one with a personalized pearl birthday gift created by you, just for her. Pearls and pearl jewelry are ways to present her with one of the finest gems formed by Mother Nature.

Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Commemorating Landmark Birthdays

Landmark birthdays have always been special causes for celebrations. Special birthdays like the 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 80th, 90th and of course, the 100th birthday must be honored. Other memorable moments are the actual “birth” days of newborn babies.

If tradition is your thing, “Build a Pearl” necklaces are making their way back onto the pop jewelry scene. These pearl necklaces allow you to honor the birth of a newborn baby into the family. Plus, you’re offering a gift of quality, that will last a lifetime.

How to Create an “Build a Pearl” Birthday Necklace

Simply start with one precious pearl, then add one new pearl every time the child has a birthday. By the time she reaches her Sweet 16, his 18th birthday or high school graduation day, you have a beautiful, unique strand of cultured pearls.

Shop for Pearl Necklaces
Click Here to Shop for Pearl Necklaces

You can even keep adding pearls to the Build a Pearl necklace for other milestones, such as college graduation or her wedding day. Other family members can join in and add more gems to the strand of pearls, too! These pearl gifts are truly sentimental, and they carry deep meaning for life.

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Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Whether she’s your daughter, sister, friend, mother, girlfriend or wife, you want her birthday gift to express your eternal love for her.

Yes, most women still love the traditional birthday gifts… perfume, chocolates, red roses, wine, candles… And, although those gifts will make her smile, they’re just not memorable.

You want this year’s birthday gift to stand out above the rest. Pearls and pearl jewelry are not only precious, they will still have luster and value for years to come. Plus, these gems are downright gorgeous!

Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Heart-Shaped Pearl Necklace

Everyone knows that hearts are symbolic of love. A heart-shaped pearl necklace not only tells her how you feel, it’s a symbol she can wear all the time to keep you near and dear.

Heart Shaped Golden Pearl & Diamond Pendant

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If you choose a photo pendant, add one of your favorite pictures of you and her together. Or, you can hunt down a picture of her kids or an ancestor long departed. Either way, she’ll be impressed that you put so much sentimental thought into your pearl birthday gift.

You can also make her heart-shaped pearl necklace all about her. Instead of a photo pendant, add a few of her birthstones surrounding a single pearl. Or, surround the gem with various pearls for eye-popping snaps of color.

Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Bangle Pearl Bracelets

Just about every woman loves bangles. We love the way they feel, and the one they sound as they jingle around on our wrists. Bangle pearl bracelets are staples to any woman’s wardrobe.

14K Gold 7mm Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Beaded Bangle Rita Bracelet

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Over the last handful of years, jewelry trends have evolved to include various stones in bangle bracelets. Whether the metals are yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver or platinum, adding some gemstones to the bangles makes your bracelets much more eye-catching.

You can use pearls to create tennis bracelet style jewelry. Or, create a bangle bracelet that alters pearls and diamonds, or pearls and her birthstones or stones featuring her favorite colors. For an even more unique look, add charms to her bangle pearl bracelets that symbolize your love for her, her alma mater, her profession, her lifestyle or anything else you can imagine.

Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Pearl Pendants

If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, pearl pendants make great gifts. They’re simple to buy, and can be easily personalized… just for her.

For a more traditional pendant, go with a single pearl surrounded by a white or yellow gold heart. If a more extravagant look is what you’re going for, go with a single diamond, and surround it with pearls.

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Lexi Pendant

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Or, maybe you’re looking for something a bit more personalized, but you want to stay within your budget. In this case, go with a single colored pearl, then add a few other lower priced gemstones to the pendant, such as amethyst, peridot, garnet or sapphire.

In terms of shapes, stars and circles are very popular shapes used for pearl pendants. Younger generations seem to be more into star pendants. But, since the early 2000s, circle pendants have been creeping back into popularity. These trendy pearl pendants are still a fashion craze today.

Pearl Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Millennial Pink Pearl Jewelry

America’s Millennials have been such a major influence on fashion and style that they’ve been given their own color: Millennial Pink

In a feature article entitled, “How Brands Can Spot The Next Millennial Pink,” Forbes tells us that the color started trending in the fashion world in the summer of 2016. Then, you could find the link pink color all over the place… from celebrity hair colors to fashion model runways.

Shop for Pink Millennial Pearl Jewelry

Click Here to Shop for Pink Millennial Pearl Jewelry

Now, thanks to its awesome name, Millennial Pink is one of the most popular colors around. The soft pink shade is now featured on electric toothbrushes, blenders, toasters, wallpaper, stationery, restaurants, bathrooms, cakes… and, of course, clothing and jewelry.

Millennial Pink pearl jewelry is one of the best birthday gifts you can give someone in this generation. Both men and women Millennials pay tribute to the color named after the generation currently dominating the workforce in the US.

The Echo Boomers Rule

Also known as Echo Boomers, Millennials love the environment. Pearls come from natural resources… oysters. They are the only gems created by a living creature. Cultured pearls cause no harm to the environment or the pearl cultivators.

Women love jewelry. And, Millennials love Millennial Pink. So, what better birthday gifts to give these lovely ladies of Generation Y than Millennial Pink cultured pearl jewelry? And, don’t forget, Millennial men, love Millennial Pink, too!

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multilayered strands of pearls.

Rihanna is one hot mama in these multi-layered strands of pearls.

Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Kate Middleton and men like Hip Hop producer A1 Bentley, pearls are really trending again. These celebrity Millennials have made it possible for the young, the hip and the trendy to wear pearl jewelry, and still be as stylish as ever.

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